Is your training system taking advantage of technology?

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AuthorEric Mann

PublishedMay 14, 2019

Is your training system taking advantage of technology?

Aspire Software is integrated with Greenius Training Systems now!

The Aspire Software Company and Greenius Training Systems are partnering to deliver a solution to that much discussed and often ignored need...  crew training.  It's a need where most of "the action" is on the job training or the very costly trial and error method. Aspire and Greenius are integrating their respective software systems to create ONE Employee Record keeping interface where training, certification, performance appraisal, safety and equipment operating information are managed. This is available for Aspire business management software users only. Version 1.0 of this new integrated system will provide a platform to offer and record completed training modules conducted in GREENIUS in the ASPIRE employee file.  Future versions will expand on this as users provide feedback and recommendations.  But it is a good start and a valuable tool right now.  Aspire clients will also receive discounted pricing from Greenius.  Please contact an Aspire sales professional for more information.

The more data you have at your fingertips, the more effectively you can run your business increasing productivity for everyone. The most successful companies are those with the best foremen...  they make everyone else look good - the crews whom they manage the supervisors to whom they report.  When a supervisor logs into Aspire now, they will be able to see who has training completed and who still needs training ensuring that piece doesn’t fall through the cracks. The end-game is that the employees are up to speed quicker and more effective. Fewer expensive mistakes that cost money and create frustration are being made as well. Kevin Kehoe stated, "Statistics demonstrate that a stable and well-trained foremen corps is correlated with higher Gross Profit Margins.  Therefore, we are excited about teaming with Greenius to make this technology available to our clients to help them drive their numbers". 

Webinar: Training and Management Technology with Aspire and Greenius

Please join Kevin Kehoe and Jay Murray with Greenius for a FREE webinar  on Thursday, June 6th at 11:00 AM CST.  They will be sharing the details and demonstrating how this integration will make a big difference for your business.  And should you not be able to attend this webinar on June 6th? No worries! Register and watch it on demand after the live presentation.  Contact Sid Singharath for more information at


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