Aspire Landscape Version 5.3: Enhancements to payments and more

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AuthorEric Mann

PublishedOctober 29, 2019

Aspire Landscape Version 5.3: Enhancements to payments and more

Aspire business management software version 5.3 will include significant enhancements to Electronic Payments functionality, a new integration with Weathermatic, and an easier way to view attachments in Crew Mobile. Learn more below.

Electronic Payments Enhancements

Major enhancements to Electronic Payments functionality can be found in the recent update. Aspire customers that are taking advantage of the integration with CardConnect, Aspire’s preferred credit card payment provider.

Batch Processing

Instead of making several small payments off one credit card, the latest update allows for batch processing to make all the payments in a single transaction. This great feature has a couple key advantages. One is cutting down on fraud risk. Those who run multiple transactions on the same day against the same card should see a drop-in funds withheld on the assumption of risk. Credit card processors flag multiple and same amount transactions to prevent their holders from being overcharged or charged without consent. The other key advantage is saving money. By processing the payments as a single transaction, users will not be charged the additional flat fee associated with individual credit card transactions.

Card Validation

If someone were to accidentally transpose a number when typing in their credit card number, you wouldn’t know the number was wrong until you attempted to process a transaction. With the 5.3 enhancement, when a credit card number and expiration date are entered for a new payment type, the Aspire system “pings” the CardConnect server to make sure the information entered is valid. If the information is correct, the user will be able to proceed. If invalid, the user will be prompted that the card details are not correct. This eliminates the possibility of entering incorrect card information and decreases the chance for invalid transactions, saving both you and the customer time and frustration.

Electronic Payment Details Screen

When an electronic payment was processed, there was a lack of detail on the payment, status, and history. To increase transparency and lessen confusion, a details screen has been added. This includes invoices, contact, company, and a history log of the transaction details we've received from CardConnect.

Down Payment Capability

A down payment is ideal in cases of large work tickets where the customer needs to supply a payment upfront. In Version 5.3, users will be able to apply a “down payment” with a saved credit card through the payment’s workflow. By enabling down payments through the payment processor, the system becomes much more versatile for Aspire users.

Single Use Credit Card

With cyber security being more important than ever, disposable or randomly generated credit card numbers are becoming more common in the business space, increasing disposable credit card usage. It is becoming essential to keep up with these changes. Unfortunately, in instances where single usage credit cards are used frequently, this previously created a long list of cards in the Aspire system. In the new enhancement, Aspire has resolved the issue. In addition to allowing you to delete credit card information from a contact, you will now be able to process credit cards without needing to save the details to a contact. This is a great option for our clients who regularly use disposable credit cards.

Experience Improvements to Payment Screen

With the new release, the layout of the "Payment Screen" will look, feel, and operate more like an invoicing system. You can now select Company, Job/Opportunity, and Contact as filters, weeding down the screen to find the specific invoice in question to apply the payment. By adjusting the fields, this will prevent confusion and reduce clicks, saving you time and frustration.

Weathermatic Deep Link

Deep Link capability has been added between Aspire with Weathermatic, Aspire’s preferred provider for smart water technology. Information will be passed back and forth between the systems so the Weathermatic app can tell which property an Aspire user is currently looking at, saving time when working with both systems.

Crew Mobile Attachments Enhancement

Previously when a document was attached to a ticket, it needed to be downloaded to the mobile device and opened in another application. With the new release, documents attached to tickets will now be opened within the Crew Mobile app itself so that a user no longer needs to find and view the attachment on their mobile device, saving crew members time and frustration by making it a more fluid process.

Continuing to Improve

The above enhancements are the most significant improvements you’ll see in the 5.3 release, but complete details on these and all other enhancements will be provided to Aspire customers in release notes. Aspire Software is committed to continually improving functionality to help you transform your business to provide better services, improve margins, and increase productivity.

If you have any questions about these features, contact AspireCare for more information.

If you are not currently on Aspire but are interested in learning more, contact us!


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