A Promise from the Top to Make AI Accessible to the Trades

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PublishedMarch 7, 2024

A Promise from the Top to Make AI Accessible to the Trades

ServiceTitan co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence capabilities to the trades and how Aspire and FieldRoutes will incorporate cutting-edge capabilities into their software to benefit the trades.

He encouraged the audience at Ignite to think about what their business looked like in the days before PCs, before the internet, or before mobile devices, and imagine how difficult it would be to run those businesses today without those advancements.

“The AI revolution going on right now will be much bigger than that, and it will happen much faster,” Kuzoyan said. “And that’s why you should care. Being an early adopter will be a competitive advantage, but it won’t be long before not adopting this technology will be a significant competitive disadvantage.”

Kuzoyan also pledged that Aspire and FieldRoutes, and every other trades business ServiceTitan serves or intends to serve, won’t be left behind.

“The commitment that we’ll make to you is you will no longer be at the back of the line,” he said. “The investments we are making are designed specifically to make sure this technology is accessible to you and your business, and will be available to help you grow and become more efficient.”

Kuzoyan highlighted three areas from among 14 introduced at Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s user conference in September, that are also on the roadmap for Aspire and Field Routes. They are:

  • Marketing Pro, where AI can help with everything from helping respond to reviews on Google and other online sites to reviewing recordings of phone calls to identify leads that might otherwise have been missed and designing smarter, more build-it-and-let-it-run drip campaigns.

  • Fleet Pro, which integrates the camera technology from Azuga into ServiceTitan to monitor unsafe driving, vehicle maintenance, wear and tear and more.

  • And PropertyIntel, which combined two products, Go iLawn and LandOne, into a single product to incorporate high-res imagery to improve measurement and design of properties. That will foster better internal efficiency, save time and eliminate mistakes in bidding, and integrate with all Aspire’s other functionality.

“We are putting our money and our roadmap where our mouth is to improve Aspire and FieldRoutes,” Kuzoyan said, “to continue building the operating system of the trades.”

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