Free Janitorial Budget Template (+Downloadable PDF)

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PublishedOctober 31, 2023

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Free Janitorial Budget Template (+Downloadable PDF)

Free Janitorial Budget Template

A janitorial budget template helps residential and commercial cleaning businesses manage resources efficiently to avoid overspending on janitorial services. 

With a predefined cleaning budget, janitorial businesses can eliminate unnecessary expenses and control costs, such as:

  • Labor costs

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Equipment purchases and maintenance

Download this free janitorial budget template to optimize your job costing processes.

How do I create a budget for a janitorial company?

Several factors determine annual budgets, from routine business expenses to funding for office space, marketing plans, and cleaning supplies. 

The precise components to include in a budget vary depending on the type of cleaning business but typically include:

A budget worksheet should include columns in each section for both estimated and actual expenses. This information is critical for creating an annual profit and loss statement.

Whether you run a small business or commercial enterprise with multiple locations, consider the following components when crafting your janitorial business budget.

Need help with your budget? Download Aspire’s janitorial business budget template.

Labor expenses

Employee compensation and benefits will likely take up the most significant portion of your budget. The easiest way to estimate labor expenses is to determine the total cost for each employee over a year and then multiply the figure by the number of employees. This will give you a figure for annual labor expenses. 

When calculating labor expenses, include:

  • Employee wages and bonuses

  • Benefits

  • Health and dental insurance

  • Overtime pay (if applicable)

Using a janitorial business software solution, such as Aspire, improves processes and provides greater accuracy for labor cost tracking and management. 

The software provides real-time visibility into labor costs, broken down by employee and property, to help business leaders make informed decisions and increase revenue.

Training and certification

Running a successful janitorial business requires hiring great employees and providing them with the proper training and professional development opportunities. 

→ Ongoing training improves morale, service quality, and profitability.

Training and certification costs will ultimately depend on the nature of your business. If you offer only residential home cleaning, your employees may not require much training. However, if your business works in industrial settings or cleans up hazardous waste, you may need to invest in certifications from organizations such as OSHA.

Cleaning supplies and equipment

A janitorial budget must include the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, such as:

  • Cleaning solutions and disinfectants

  • Vacuum cleaners and floor buffers

  • PPE for employees

  • Mops and brooms

These variable costs will fluctuate depending on the size of your cleaning service business and the scope of services you provide. It’s also important to note you’ll need to restock these supplies throughout the year, so make sure to budget for replenishment.

By leveraging bulk purchasing power,  janitorial companies can negotiate directly with suppliers to minimize costs.

Janitorial software can also help your business automate inventory and equipment management, from cleaning supplies to vehicles.

Facility maintenance includes the rent you pay for your janitorial business office or warehouse, as well as costs for:

  • Utilities

  • Office supplies

  • Permits

  • Building upkeep and landscaping

  • Equipment servicing

  • Preventive maintenance

While you likely considered these as startup costs when you originally created your janitorial business plan, it’s important to continuously monitor maintenance costs in realtime to ensure actual costs don’t surpass budgeted costs.

Waste management

Waste management costs often include dumpster rental and trash removal, as well as any recycling programs or waste-reduction initiatives. The amount you budget depends on the nature of your cleaning business. For instance, if you clean in hospital settings or around hazardous chemicals, you may need to pay for specialty waste removal services, increasing your monthly budget.

Consumable supplies

Consumables include the supplies your staff use in their day-to-day work, such as:

  • Toilet paper

  • Hand soap

  • Paper towels and tissues

  • Trash bags

They can also include complimentary refreshments like coffee and soft drinks, snacks, and first-aid supplies.

To budget for these janitorial expenses accurately, identify the must-have supplies. Then, establish usage benchmarks to gain a realistic picture of your monthly needs. 

As with cleaning supplies, you can reduce costs by working directly with vendors, buying in bulk, and training employees to be mindful of their usage.

How can I accurately estimate costs for supplies, equipment, and labor?

Accurately estimating costs can be challenging due to inflation and competition for skilled workers, rising supply costs, supply chain issues, equipment breakdowns, and increased labor costs

→ Companies need precision cost estimation in budget planning and decision-making to grow a janitorial business.

Cleaning businesses can estimate costs for supplies, equipment, and labor in multiple ways, such as:

  • Conducting market research

  • Obtaining quotes from multiple vendors and distributors

  • Checking online review sites

  • Reviewing industry benchmarks 

Organizations such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and websites including Indeed and ZipRecruiter, can help businesses estimate labor cost data for janitors, house cleaning technicians, carpet cleaners, and more.

The most accurate way to estimate costs involves tracking your business’s historical data and analyzing trends. Aspire’s job costing software provides a complete picture of how your estimated labor, supply, and other direct expenses compare to your actual costs. It allows you to make data-driven decisions to ensure profitable pricing on every job. 

How do I track and monitor expenses to ensure budget adherence?

Janitorial businesses rely on budgeting to ensure they turn a profit. It’s difficult to decipher whether your company operates profitably without a robust way to monitor expenses in real time.

Many field service businesses use several manual processes or siloed solutions for bookkeeping and budget adherence, such as:

  • Excel and budget spreadsheets

  • Google Sheets

  • Whiteboards

  • Quickbooks and Sage Intacct

Relying on these processes often leaves room for mistakes and wastes valuable time. 

To overcome these challenges, janitorial businesses use software solutions such as Aspire for expense tracking and reporting.

Janitorial business management software, such as Aspire, optimizes budgeting

Expense reviews, cost-saving analysis, and identifying opportunities are easier with the visibility provided by real-time data. 

Aspire’s management software also helps you to establish and monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter the most to your business success, such as:

Aspire’s janitorial software allows you to categorize expenses, set budget targets, and maintain detailed records. These insights provide a clear picture of business performance and profitability so you can set budgets to maximize revenue.

Better than a template: janitorial business software

Accurate budgeting is key to running a successful janitorial business and turning a profit. Cleaning service companies must have a comprehensive understanding of business costs, including:

  • Labor and supplies

  • Vehicles and equipment

  • Facilities and utilities

Rather than relying on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes, successful janitorial businesses leverage Aspire to understand job costs and establish profitable budgets. 

Additional benefits and features of Aspire’s business management software include:

  • Route optimization and dynamic scheduling

  • Customizable estimating templates

  • Real-time reporting

  • Customer relationship management

  • Seamless accounting and payroll

  • Equipment, vehicle, and supply management

Ready to see how Aspire helps janitorial businesses monitor job costs, track key business metrics, and increase revenue? Book a free demo today.


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