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Aspire vs. SingleOps

Landscapers choosing a forever software prefer Aspire because of the efficacy of its processes, whether your business serves 10 customers or manages 10 branches.

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Many software platforms on the market claim to provide end-to-end functionality for landscape contractors, but none has the industry trust and ongoing support and training of Aspire.





Cloud-based CRM
Work-order generation
Job costing
Mobile app
Crew management
Metrics dashboards
Scalable processes
Predictable pricing
Data accessibility
Reliable integration partnerships
Open API
Dedicated customer support
Intuitive user interface
Marketing support
Digital measuring and design tools

In our first full year using Aspire, we grew our revenue to about 15%. I'm very confident that when we utilize the software to its fullest potential, we'll be able to grow that number even larger!

John Salido

John Salido

Janitorial & Day Porter Service Line Expert at CAM Property Service

Scalable processes and cost

Aspire is the software you’ll never outgrow

Limited features and per-user costs inflate technology costs when a business tries to grow. Aspire’s predictable costs, unlimited users, and full feature access empower limitless scalability.

  • Ongoing product investment

  • Constant platform updates

  • Robust, reliable integrations


Ongoing training and customer support

Aspire is more than just a software vendor. We’re a technology partner

Beyond a robust end-to-end platform, Aspire delivers unparalleled support through the AspireCare team, events with landscaping industry experts, monthly webinars, and an expansive Knowledge Base.

  • Best-in-class user training

  • Live Monday-Friday support

  • Dedicated CSMs for help


Robust software integrations

Keep using the software solutions that work for your organization

Aspire optimizes processes, including the software you already use and love. With open API capabilities, users can connect Aspire with single-point solutions to maintain existing workflows.

  • One-way sync to eliminate errors

  • Partnerships with industry leaders

  • Reliable inter-software processes


Aspire measures its success by the success of its customers

Aspire isn’t a static platform that will become brittle and unreliable over time. It’s a dynamic system with ongoing updates and continual improvement to keep users at the forefront of their markets.

APR 2024

I love that Aspire provides a comprehensive picture of where we stand at any point so impactful decisions can be made.

Becky B.

Senior Finance Associate

APR 2024

Aspire has challenged us to think about how we do business. We're more agile than ever and have refined our processes.

Jessie L.

Business Services Manager

MAR 2024

Aspire is constantly improving, upgrading, and adding features. There is so much data that you can collect to dig deep.

Karen E.

Office Manager

The software the industry trusts

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When landscaping contractors want software to help them not only manage but grow their operations, they choose Aspire.

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions about Aspire vs. SingleOps

Learn more about why landscapers prefer Aspire’s scalable functionality to SingleOps.

What are the key differences between Aspire and SingleOps regarding features and pricing?

Aspire and SingleOps both offer business management solutions designed for the landscaping industry, but there are substantial differences in features and pricing.

Aspire is known for:

  • Robust scalability

  • Advanced data accessibility

  • Seamless integrations

Aspire supports business growth with ongoing product investment, regular platform updates, extensive integration options, and dedicated support. The software also maintains clean, accurate financial data, enabling better decision-making through comprehensive reporting and real-time data visibility.

SingleOps is a more cost-effective solution, which can be attractive for businesses looking to minimize initial investment. However, some users have reported challenges with scalability, data accessibility, and integration reliability. Aspire's higher price point reflects its extensive feature set and the additional value provided by its AspireCare team, which offers best-in-class customer support and training.

Ultimately, while SingleOps might offer a lower entry cost, Aspire provides a more robust, reliable, and scalable solution for businesses aiming for long-term growth and operational excellence.

What are the key features and differences between Aspire and SingleOps for landscaping business management?

Aspire and SingleOps specialize in business management needs in landscaping but differ significantly in their approach and features.

Aspire stands out with its comprehensive job management, accurate estimating and proposals, and advanced customer relationship management (CRM). It delivers real-time job costing data, enabling businesses to make responsive resource allocation decisions. Aspire also offers robust integration with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Acumatica, eliminating syncing errors and ensuring accurate reporting, plus an open API so businesses can keep using the software solutions that work for their processes.

SingleOps offers similar core features like job management, estimating, and CRM, but some users have concerns regarding data accessibility and integration reliability.

Aspire's consistent platform updates, responsiveness to customer concerns, and dedicated support through the AspireCare team make it more than just a software platform. Aspire Software is a technology partner dedicated to customer success, providing training and support beyond typical vendor services.

While SingleOps might appeal to cost-conscious businesses, Aspire's extensive features, reliable integrations, and superior support make it a better choice for companies looking for a scalable, long-term solution.

How does software for field services help small businesses grow in landscaping and commercial cleaning?

Field service management software helps small businesses to scale by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and providing greater visibility into operations.

Centralizing job scheduling, dispatching, and tracking with software ensures tasks are completed on time and resources are allocated effectively. By increasing accuracy in estimating and billing, management software can reduce errors around job costing and ensure timely payments to improve monthly cash flow.

Field service software maintains clean and accurate financial data by integrating with accounting systems and other business tools, fueling better decision-making for in-progress jobs. Real-time data access allows businesses to monitor performance, adjust strategies, and respond quickly to changes, enhancing overall productivity and safeguarding profitability.

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for the green industry gives landscapers full sales pipeline visibility while making job management easier. This allows your team to deliver better experiences and grow your client base. Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into business performance so businesses can identify growth opportunities and optimize operations.

Field service management software empowers small businesses to operate more efficiently, make informed decisions, and deliver better service, driving growth and profitability.

What does field services business management software do?

Field services business management software is designed to streamline and enhance the operations of service-based businesses, such landscaping and commercial cleaning.

Software provides unified tools for scheduling, dispatching, and managing jobs. It ensures efficient resource allocation and streamlined workflows, helping your team do more in less time. It also facilitates accurate estimating, job costing, and invoicing, which improves monthly cash flow and reduces billing errors such as overlooked or forgotten invoices.

Key features include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) to track and manage customer interactions

  • Inventory management to keep track of supplies and equipment

  • Real-time data access to monitor job progress and performance

  • Integration with accounting systems ensures accurate financial tracking and reporting.

Additionally, field services software often includes mobile applications for iPhone and Android, allowing crews to access job details, update statuses, and perform time tracking from geo-tagged job sites. Bringing together the field and office with web-based software improves communication and efficiency.

Field services business management software helps companies deliver better service, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth through streamlined operations and data-driven decision-making.

Which is better for lawn care businesses: Aspire or SingleOps?

Consider scalability, data accessibility, integrations, and customer support when comparing Aspire and SingleOps. Many growth-minded landscapers consider Aspire the superior choice because of its robust feature set and comprehensive support. It offers:

  • Advanced job management

  • Accurate estimating

  • Strong CRM capabilities

  • Seamless integrations and an open API

Aspire's focus is on providing real-time visibility into operations and maintaining clean, accurate financial data, which helps businesses make informed decisions to fuel ongoing growth.

AspireCare offers customer support and training from industry and software experts, ensuring that businesses can maximize the software's potential. Aspire provides unparalleled support while executing continuous platform updates to be the most scalable software platform on the market.

SingleOps may offer a lower entry cost and landscape design features, but it has faced user concerns regarding data accessibility and integration reliability. Aspire's comprehensive features, reliable integrations, and superior support make it the better choice for lawn care businesses focused on long-term success and scalability.


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