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Aspire vs. RealGreen

Lawn care and landscaping companies prefer Aspire to RealGreen because of its comprehensive functionality, advanced financial reporting, and dedicated customer support, without add-on costs.

Aspire has more connected features than RealGreen without additional costs

Aspire delivers valuable insights that landscapers can use to drive new profitability and growth by pulling data from every aspect of your operations.





Customer relationship management
Advanced scheduling
Invoicing and payment processing
Customer portal
Crew management and route optimization
Mobile app
Open API
Marketing support
Digital measuring and takeoff tools
Inventory management and tracking
Real-time job costing
Advanced reporting
Customizable, scalable functionality
Process automation
Dedicated customer support
All-in-one pricing

“When we were vetting our options, we found that competitors didn’t offer all the bells and whistles we wanted in a business management system. That is why we ultimately went with Aspire.”

Janet DeNicola

Janet DeNicola

The Greenery

Real-time job costing

Take control of your operations and maintain profits in every contract

Keep track of actuals compared to estimated costs, even for in-progress jobs, so your team can make responsive decisions about resource allocation to safeguard profitability.

  • Centralized direct-cost data

  • Real-time performance insights

  • Historical data to drive budgets


Customizable reporting and analytics

Build and track metrics for individual job roles

Greater business control comes from a deeper understanding of costs, revenue, and performance. Aspire was built for the landscaping industry, delivering functionality that works the way you need.

  • Flexible profit-and-loss reports

  • Review costs to asses shortfalls

  • Save reports to user dashboards



Bid jobs faster and win more contracts with Aspire’s estimating automation

Landscapers can build product kits for their most popular services, including materials, labor, and supplies, making estimates easy to assemble, no matter how complicated the job.

  • Get consistency and control

  • Evergreen contract capabilities

  • Track change orders with ease


Hear from current Aspire customers

We measure the success of Aspire in the success of our customers. See some of the ways business management software for the green industry has changed our users lives.

NOV 2022

The biggest benefit was real-time results, job costing, and job progress. Overall, fantastic system.

Tara H.

General Manager

MAR 2024

The customer support is incredible. Aspire is constantly improving, upgrading, and adding new features.

Karen E.

Office Manager

JAN 2024

Aspire understands my business. Their commitment to constant improvement and customer support are second to none.

Joe O.


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Industry leaders trust Aspire to achieve their goals

Aspire’s end-to-end functionality and process automation empower limitless growth and the ability to scale.

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Software trusted by the green industry

Aspire streamlines processes to unlock new profitability in existing operations

Schedule a demo to see how Aspire’s unparalleled data collection, analysis, and reporting can transform your business.

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Get to know Aspire

Frequently asked questions

See how Aspire and RealGreen answer common questions about field service management software.

How does Aspire compare to RealGreen?

Aspire Software differentiates itself from RealGreen by offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the landscaping industry's business operations without additional costs. 

Users who choose Aspire over the competition enhance their operational efficiency through:

  • Advanced financial reporting and customizable reporting

  • Dedicated implementation specialists and ongoing customer support 

  • All-in-one pricing model, with full feature access and unlimited users

Aspire stands out by using a property-centric CRM for improved historical job data, visual scheduling tools, and unlimited product kits for fast, accurate estimating. 

RealGreen relies on siloed, third-party solutions for many of its features and incurs added costs for full functionality, leading to unpredictable technology costs as a company scales. 

Aspire’s open API and integration capabilities, such as PropertyIntel and Marketing Pro, streamline workflows and enhance profitability, making it preferred by small businesses and enterprise-level lawn care and landscaping companies seeking to scale.

When should I invest in lawn care software?

ServiceTitan provides a full suite of software solutions for landscaping companies at every growth stage, including: 

  • Crew Control

  • Aspire Corporate

  • Aspire Enterprise

Implementing a family of lawn care software solutions early in your operations avoids the hassle of dealing with inefficient business management processes, such as scheduling on a magnetic whiteboard, generating estimates in Word documents, or cost tracking in Excel spreadsheets.

Investing in lawn care software is pivotal to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve profitability. 

Consider a comprehensive solution when you face operational challenges in:

  • Scheduling

  • Customer management

  • Accurate job costing

  • Efficient route planning

Aspire was designed to support growth by offering features that streamline the day-to-day operations of a business in the green industry, such as:

  • Real-time job costing to inform proactive resource allocation

  • Advanced reporting with historical cost data

  • Process automation to maximize efficiency 

Invest in lawn care software such as Aspire when you’re looking to minimize manual tasks, ensure accurate estimates, and provide exceptional customer service without the hassle of add-on costs.

Aspire’s all-in-one software is a game-changer at any growth stage, whether you’re managing multiple crews, branches, or regions. The earlier you implement software that empowers growth, the sooner you can operate profitably, meet challenges on your terms, and achieve ambitious goals.

Can Aspire function on phones and tablets as well as computers?

Yes, Aspire is designed to function seamlessly across iOS and Android devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. 

As a cloud-based platform, Aspire gives crews, operations managers, and owners access to critical operational data and functionality regardless of location and whether they’re using Apple or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The Aspire Mobile app extends the software’s comprehensive features to mobile devices, enabling crew management with geo-stamped clock-in/clock-out, schedule syncing and route optimization, and customer communication on the go, including photo and video uploads from the field. 

Aspire keeps crews in the field and office staff in sync, improving productivity and enhancing service delivery. Aspire’s mobile compatibility helps businesses become more agile, allowing for real-time updates and decisions that drive better resource allocation for improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

What are the main differences between Aspire and RealGreen in terms of features and customer support?

Aspire and RealGreen differ significantly in their approach to features and customer support.

Aspire offers a fully connected feature set without additional costs, including:

  • Comprehensive CRM tools with full sales-pipeline visibility

  • Fast estimating capabilities 

  • Advanced scheduling visualizations

  • In-depth financial reporting

  • Customizable dashboards by user role


Aspire’s unique functionalities set it apart from RealGreen’s siloed solutions and third-party integrations, such as:

  • Property-centric records

  • Unlimited product kits for estimating

  • In-platform invoicing

  • Client portal with ACH bank transfer and credit card payment processing 

RealGreen also uses add-on charges for advanced functionality, so it’s more expensive for users to get the full benefits of the software. Aspire includes all features and unlimited users for the same cost.

Aspire excels in customer support, with the AspireCare team ready to help during business hours, educational webinars, in-person events for networking, and monthly office hours for product knowledge enhancement. This dedicated support ensures Aspire users have the resources they need to maximize their software investment, making Aspire a trustworthy partner for growth.

Which is better for landscaping businesses: Aspire or RealGreen?

Aspire is the only option for landscaping businesses that need comprehensive job management functionality, advanced financial insights, exceptional customer support, and the ability to grow without increasing technology costs. 

Aspire was designed as a cloud-based software solution for the landscaping industry. It offers end-to-end functionality that supports limitless growth and scalability. 

The all-inclusive pricing model, dedicated customer support, knowledge-building resources, and robust feature set–including customizable reporting, real-time job costing, and advanced process automation–address the specific needs of landscaping operations at every growth stage.

Aspire’s capabilities and value are unmatched by other field service business management software platforms, helping businesses streamline operations, enhance profitability, and achieve their goals more effectively than RealGreen.


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