Aspire vs. Arborgold

When tree and lawn care companies want to expand into new verticals and markets, they prefer Aspire as a comprehensive software solution because of its advanced functionality and reporting.

See how Aspire’s all-in-one functionality takes landscapers further, faster

Using one cloud-based platform doesn’t just make day-to-day operations more efficient. It also centralizes data collection, storage, and analysis for powerful reporting to drive growth-focused decisions.





Customer relationship management
Scheduling and job management
Crew management and time tracking
Resource management
Job costing and management
Product integrations
Accounting and payroll
Drill-down, custom reporting
One-way data sync
Customizable workflows
Industry and business partnerships

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Growth is as integral to Aspire as it is to the green industry

Aspire's heavy—$25MM in 2023—investment in R&D leads to improved business processes—cutting marginal costs and increasing operational efficiency—so businesses significantly outpace their competitors.

  • Bimonthly new feature releases

  • Continual software improvement

  • Stay ahead of the competition

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Aspire connects with landscapers to understand their software needs

With dedicated client success managers, accessible AspireCare representatives, and yearly in-person events, Aspire stays connected to landscapers to anticipate changing industry demands.

  • Always give customers a human to chat to

  • Leverage automation to move fast

  • Automate customer support and close leads faster

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Understand your business better than ever with comprehensive data collection

Greater control of your business comes from nuanced insights into everything from material and supply costs to crew performance and project profitability. Aspire delivers it all–at a glance.

  • Drill-down reporting dashboards

  • Customizable data visualizers

  • 360-degree collated data

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Trustworthy data fuels decision-making to keep every project profitable

Checking multiple siloed software solutions to find accurate information slows down management. Aspire uses one-way data syncs to ensure you have accurate, uniform data wherever you look.

  • QuickBooks (and more) integrations

  • Real-time data visualizations

  • Streamline reporting processes

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Using Aspire, people are more aware of what is important. Managers look at their responsibilities differently and aren’t afraid to ask each other questions.

Ted Ventre

Owner at Hively Landscapes

Trusted by more than



Utilized in nearly



Used to manage over

$6.4 B

in client revenues


Aspire users grow at nearly 3.5X the industry average rate* — unlock your potential today

*based on the analysis of data from the 2022 LM150 list

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no limit to how Aspire can improve the way you work

What’s the difference between Aspire and Arborgold?

Aspire is business management software that scales with companies as they expand by adding new:

  • Verticals

  • Branches

  • Districts

  • Entire regions (really) 

Arborgold is a software platform designed with arborists and plant care in mind.

The true difference between Aspire and Arborgold goes beyond comparing a list of field service management features.

Consider the comprehensiveness of the software. Aspire offers users more in-depth support, from real-time data reporting to an intuitive user interface and integrations for everything from route optimization to online payment processing for customers.

When a business is ready to add new landscaping service verticals and expand its reach into new markets, it needs a management platform capable of growing with it. Aspire is a technology partner backed by industry knowledge, with features that deliver profitable results for various field service businesses.

What makes Aspire different from other landscape business management software?

Aspire users grow at nearly 3.5X the industry rate*, making it the only management platform that helps landscapers to actualize new profitability and accurately identify new service verticals and markets for success.

Software should do more than just help you execute tasks on a work order. 

It should provide greater insight into how your business operates, so you can identify areas of opportunity and see challenges and hurdles before they hurt your bottom line.

What makes Aspire different is the end-to-end data collection and collating and customizable reporting. 

  • Greater control comes from better information.

Aspire Software is unparalleled in providing business owners with real-time, accurate insights into their operations.

Using Aspire makes it easier for businesses to scale and helps them actualize growth by improving awareness of job costing, profitability, and cash flow. *based on data analysis from the 2022 LM150 list

Why should you choose Aspire?

Landscape companies who set ambitious growth goals and expect to achieve them should choose Aspire because it’s unparalleled in its ability to scale with an organization. 

Regardless of the platform's ease of use, implementing software is stressful and time-consuming.

Aspire is a forever software—the only one you’ll ever have to implement—even as you expand to new divisions, branches,  and companies. With a cloud-based platform, leadership doesn’t have to be on-premise to run the organization. You can operate your entire organization, down to the individual crew, from a laptop while on the road.

Small businesses in early growth should choose Crew Control because of its affordability and accessibility. As an Aspire Software solution, it helps companies  implement the workflows and systems that will make it easy to transition to Aspire as they hit their target revenue goals.

What are the benefits of switching to Aspire?

The value of real-time, accurate data in the landscaping business can’t be overstated. The nature of the industry—unpredictable weather, razor-thin margins, supply chain issues, and labor shortages—can make business owners feel like they don’t have control over their operations.

Profitability isn’t just about pricing. Responsive management, leveraging buying power with suppliers, and providing ideal work conditions to attract top talent in your market may not seem like the benefits of choosing the right software, but they are.

Aspire isn’t just workflow automation (although it does that, too). It’s about putting control of your profits, revenue, and cash flow in your hands. Understanding your business allows you to improve your bottom line and guide decisions when it comes to specializing in services and choosing new markets for expansion.

Landscapers who use Aspire can set and achieve ambitious goals on their terms, regardless of the industry’s challenges.

How does business management software help arbor care companies grow?

When you’re ready to expand beyond arbor care to offer general landscape and lawn care services, a comprehensive business management platform assists in identifying profitable services and markets to target.

Aspire’s real-time data shows which properties, services, and crews in your schedule are the most profitable for your organization. This data makes it easy to see the verticals into which you can expand and immediately increase your revenue.

Customizable workflows ensure arborists don’t have to retrofit new services into tree-care-specific software, empowering new potential in all field services, such as:

  • Pest control

  • Snow removal

  • Power-washing

  • Gutter care

Aspire’s work ticket checklists—accessible via the Crew Mobile app on iOS and Android mobile devices—support your field crews as they provide new services, ensuring they don’t leave the site without all the equipment they need for the day and complete all required tasks for every property.

Who is Aspire designed for?

Aspire is designed for enterprise-level landscapers who aren’t willing to settle with their current customer base or market share but have their sights set on continual growth and need a technology partner who will be by their side no matter how large they grow.

Decades of experience in the green industry went into the design and development of the Aspire platform to create software that makes it easy for landscapers to implement and maintain best practices to drive consistent profitability and growth.

The industry’s fastest-growing companies use Aspire because it ignites growth more effectively than the competition and continues to release new features and functionality that keep users at the leading edge of their markets.

Backed by unparalleled customer support, Aspire is a forever software solution designed for landscapers who want tools that deliver results to empower better, faster, and more profitable processes.


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