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PublishedJune 4, 2024

A Step-by-Step Guide to Switching to Aspire


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Aspire Software gives you more control over every aspect of your landscaping business’s operations, increasing efficiency and profitability. But once you’ve decided to switch to Aspire, how do you actually make it happen? 

The key is developing a clear plan that sets your team up for success from day one.

Step 1: Build your implementation team

Eventually, all the employees of your landscaping business will use Aspire. However, a small team is better for training and implementation. 

Select an implementation team to manage the transition by identifying employees for two roles: 

  • Project champion: This person is the leader and final decision-maker. They should provide accountability and help build excitement for the new software throughout your organization.

  • Power users: The rest of the implementation team will become experts in the software’s features and benefits, and eventually, they’ll help train the rest of your team to use it.

With your implementation team in place, it’s time to prepare your internal systems for the switch.

Step 2: Set things up for success

Switching to a new software isn’t as simple as duplicating your current system in Aspire. Rather, this is the time to make positive changes so your team can fully experience the benefits of your new software:

  1. Data management: Clean up your existing system by purging outdated and inaccurate data. 

  2. System configuration: Note all existing configurations and integrations so you can recreate them in the new software.

  3. Workflow: Review current documentation and create SOPs for any undocumented processes. 

Completing these pre-work steps sets the stage for an efficient, stress-free transition.

Step 3: Identify implementation leaders

Connect your project champion with your assigned Aspire Implementation Specialist so they can prepare for the transition:

  • Set clear goals for each phase of implementation.

  • Identify milestones and assign tasks to appropriate team members.

  • Create weekly priorities for a structured transition.

Your Aspire Implementation Specialist will guide your champion throughout the process, giving them the resources and support they need to lead your internal implementation team.

Step 4: Complete training and disseminate information

With a detailed implementation plan in place, your project champion and power users to dive in and learn the software with guidance from the Aspire Implementation Specialist.

They’ll also gain the knowledge and skills to eventually train the rest of your team. Encourage your implementation team to share key features and build excitement for launch day.

Step 5: Integrate Aspire into daily operations

Once the system is live in your operations, you can roll it out to your entire team. 

Your project champion and power users can now train other users. They’ll also maintain communication with your Aspire Implementation Specialist to troubleshoot issues and ensure everyone enjoys all the benefits of the software.

Step 6: Create the environment for ongoing success

Following launch, you’ll transition to working with AspireCare. Your power users can contact experts for support and access key resources to expand their expertise. 

Aspire maintains an ongoing partnership with your organization and offers webinars and other events to help your team learn about new features

Empower your team for a smooth transition to Aspire

Switching to Aspire is easier when you start with a clear plan. Build your implementation team and set up your data and workflows for the transition. 

Once you have everything in place, your Aspire Implementation Specialist will guide your team through training and adoption. Soon, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits that business management software has to offer.

Get started with Aspire today.


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