Best Janitorial Manager Alternatives

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PublishedJuly 10, 2023

Best Janitorial Manager Alternatives


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Growing a commercial cleaning business involves more than acquiring new accounts and hiring employees. You can unlock new profitability and growth potential by implementing the right software tools to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

Janitorial contractors using Janitorial Manager or similar solutions may discover their software isn’t meeting all the needs of their growing business. As a result, they revert to manual processes or add single-point solutions to complete daily tasks.

To stay competitive in a crowded market, commercial cleaning businesses need user-friendly technology solutions with comprehensive features, including customer management, invoicing, and payroll management.

If you’re a growth-minded business owner of a janitorial service company held back by its software solution, it may be time to explore other options. 

Read on for the best Janitorial Manager alternatives and tips to identify the right software solution for your company.

How to find the best Janitorial Manager alternative

When you begin your search for business management software, you’ll want to consider key features and software functionality. The best business management software includes features to simplify:

  • Job scheduling

  • Workload estimation

  • CRM

  • Job costing

  • Invoicing

  • Accounting 

  • Timesheets and payroll

  • Reporting

Of course, cost remains a key consideration. As you review software price, consider the number of users covered, available features, customer support, and add-ons. You don’t want to find yourself paying for a software plan that doesn’t meet your needs and requires you to use additional software to get the job done.

Janitorial management software is an investment, and it’s important to find a permanent software solution that grows with your company. A business management platform built to grow enables you to:

  • Improve efficiency

  • Increase revenue

  • Scale your business

When you implement a permanent software solution, you can focus on delivering results and position your business for future growth.

What is Janitorial Manager?

Janitorial Manager is a cloud-based janitorial software designed for small and midsize companies to manage cleaning operations. Cleaning industries include business service contractors, education, government, healthcare, public facilities, and venue managers.

Janitorial Manager’s features help janitorial companies increase transparency and track performance. Features include:

  • Time tracking

  • Inspection

  • Messaging

  • Inventory management

  • Work order management

  • Work loading & bidding

  • Checklists & instructions

  • Mobile apps

Janitorial companies use Janitorial Manager to streamline time tracking, janitor inspections, track employee performance, and keep tabs on supplies. Customers cite the software’s ease of use and the ability to improve productivity.

Why look for Janitorial Manager alternatives?

You may seek an alternative to Janitorial Manager because your cleaning services business continues to grow, and you need more powerful software with a complete set of features. Or, you may need in-depth reporting capabilities so you can improve your operations and scale your business.

Before choosing a new field service business software, it’s important to research features and capabilities. Consider your business size and services to find the best fit.

To make a fully informed decision, business owners should consider:

  • Features

  • Pricing

  • Integrations

Many job management software providers offer a free demo so you can get a feel for how the features work.

If you use Janitorial Manager and find it doesn’t provide comprehensive features, won’t scale with your business, or is difficult to operate or glitchy, consider the following best Janitorial Manager software alternatives.


Key features of Aspire

Aspire janitorial business software is an all-in-one, cloud-based software for commercial cleaning companies and franchises. It centralizes data and provides a comprehensive management system for:

Aspire’s comprehensive features automate everything from job costing to project management, enabling janitorial businesses to improve task assignment, employee management, quality control, and overall performance.

Aspire's mobile app for iOS and Android devices helps teams work more efficiently with the information they need, wherever they are, including:

  • Real-time updates

  • Location geo-stamping

  • Photo documentation 

The right tools increase communication and visibility from the field to the office and ensure high-quality results at every property.

Benefits of Aspire

Streamlined workflows for increased efficiency: Aspire empowers janitorial companies to develop efficient workflows to improve service quality and increase profit. Businesses can save time and win more bids using templates to quickly create accurate proposals and automate customer follow-up. 

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to query data in any way for customized reports. Real-time, 360-degree insights into business performance help business owners make proactive, data-driven decisions.

Price covers unlimited users: Aspire pricing varies based on company size, and unlike other software, all software plans include the same core functions and an unlimited number of users. 

Janitorial companies that use Aspire can confidently grow without increasing their software costs. 

Flexibility for future growth: As your business changes and grows, Aspire remains flexible to scale with you, whether that’s into new verticals or markets. 

Aspire offers many integrations, including QuickBooks for accounting and custom integrations for endless solutions.

With Aspire, there’s no need to learn new software as your company grows, even if your company opens new branches or expands into a new vertical. Its user-friendly features work to drive profit and growth, no matter the size of your business.


Key features of Jobber

Jobber is a web-based software for home service companies in several field service industries. Jobber’s field service management software features include scheduling, dispatching, and estimating for home service businesses. The software works to increase customer convenience with CRM, invoicing, and payment features.

Benefits of Jobber

Efficient job organization: Jobber helps small home service companies stay organized, work more efficiently, and reduce administrative tasks. Jobber offers several integrations, including QuickBooks for accounting, payment collecting, and business marketing.

Plan pricing: Jobber offers four plans,  starting at $9/mo. for one user. All plans cap the number of users, with fees for additional users.

Improve CRM:  Jobber improves customer satisfaction with customer information tracking, automated work progress texts and online tools for customers.


Key features of WorkWave

Service by WorkWave provides cloud-based cleaning business scheduling software for improved scheduling and dispatching. WorkWave assists cleaning and maid service companies to more easily book appointments, assign crews, adjust worker capacity, and optimize routes. It offers invoicing and flexible billing options to simplify payments and provide customer convenience.

Benefits of WorkWave

Improve productivity: WorkWave streamlines operations to improve employee productivity and reduce operational costs. The software works to enhance customer satisfaction with easy service scheduling and increased communication so cleaning companies can deliver better customer service. 

Plan pricing: WorkWave offers two plans, Standard Core and Professional Core, which offer different features. It does not list plan pricing online.

Routing tools: The software offers integrations with QuickBooks and several tools for GPS tracking and route optimization.


Key features of CleanTelligent

CleanTelligent is a cloud-based software for work order management, job scheduling, inspections, and reporting. A mobile app streamlines work in the field, including inspection checklists, photos, and customer signatures. The software works to organize job details, track employee performance, and capture client feedback through cleaning satisfaction surveys.

Benefits of CleanTelligent

Simplify workloads: CleanTelligent aims to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase productivity. Reporting features summarize team performance and help companies improve service.

Plan pricing: CleanTelligent offers three plans, starting at $175/mo. for five users. Enterprise is the highest-priced plan at $575/mo., and does not specify the number of user licenses.

Enhance quality control: Through customized inspections and surveys, it enables janitorial companies to enhance quality control and increase customer satisfaction. 


Key features of Swept

Swept offers operational software for commercial cleaning and janitorial businesses, providing scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and team and customer communication tools. It streamlines day-to-day tasks with employee instructions and checklists, mobile inspections, supply tracking, and problem reporting.

Benefits of Swept

Save time and increase communication: Swept helps cleaning companies save time on scheduling and administrative tasks and increase team communication to improve job quality and customer satisfaction. 

Plan pricing: Swept offers three plans with varying features, but does not list plan pricing online. All plans start with 15 locations included, with $10 for each additional location, depending on the plan and number of additional locations.

Manage tasks more efficiently: Real-time updates and notifications ensure appropriate follow-up and efficient task management. The software offers customer support and training tools and resources.

Compare Janitorial Manager alternatives

While the amount of Janitorial Manager alternatives may seem daunting, it comes down to the solution that gives your company the most tools for growth.

As you explore Janitorial Manager alternatives and compare features, prices, integration options, and customer support availability, consider your business growth objectives. Consider whether you need to pay more for features or users as your company grows. 

Choosing robust janitorial business software from the start gives you the greatest flexibility and room to grow.

Schedule a demonstration to see Aspire features in action

Aspire’s end-to-end software solution gives janitorial contractors visibility into every aspect of their operations, providing the data to improve and grow profits. Request a demo to see how Aspire’s features will transform your business.

Test different software alternatives to get a feel for the features and make an informed decision. Outgrowing and switching to another software in the future substantially increases your technology costs, not to mention time-consuming onboarding and implementation.

It’s key to choose software that offers the right features for improving business processes in commercial cleaning, depending on your unique business needs. Want to know more about how to prepare for business growth? Check out the buyer’s guide for janitorial software.

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