Update: The Next Step in Aspire's Evolution

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PublishedNovember 13, 2020

Update: The Next Step in Aspire's Evolution

Recently, we provided an update on the new user interface we’re implementing for the Aspire platform. In case you missed it: to recap, the improvements we’re making to the user interface will enhance the look and feel of the software, aligning its appearance with its position as the industry-leading solution for high-growth landscaping contractors.

Beyond appearance, another main objective of the user interface redesign is improving the platform’s usability to make it a more seamless experience. As we’ve mentioned before, with these improvements, Aspire’s core functionality—the features you use and rely on everyday—will remain the same.

Today, we want to provide a brief glimpse into the enhancements we’re making to the software’s appearance and usability as well as an explanation of how these improvements will further improve its ease of use:

  1. Navigation and Actions: How you get around within the application

  2. Advanced Search: How you find exactly what you’re needing

  3. Important Resources: How you access and reference notifications and resources

Navigation and Actions: How you get around within the application

With Aspire’s new user interface comes a vastly improved experience. We’ve optimized and aligned Aspire’s navigation and actions with today’s common practices to make getting around the application more intuitive and friction-free.

Now, nearly all Aspire navigation controls will reside in one place—the side-navigation bar. This easy-to-find location puts key functions, like Search, Recent Activity, and User and Admin Settings right at your fingertips as well as the ability to log out. And when you’re in sections of Aspire with sub-level navigation or on pages that offer additional navigation, those options are now listed across the top.

On pages containing tabbed navigation, we’ve removed the tabs to expose their contents, making all details visible on one page. Users will no longer have to tab through to view additional information or make edits.

We’ve also moved the platform’s back-button functionality into the browser, eliminating the need for the green “back” arrow icon at the bottom left of the Aspire screen. Now you can easily navigate back as needed via the browser’s back button without getting logged out of the application. Additionally, every page in Aspire will now have its own unique URL for easier sharing and navigation.

Another change you’ll notice with the Evolution release is a broader use of buttons within the application as well as updated icons. We’ve also moved nearly all page actions into commonly used, compressed menus for clean and consistent access.

Advanced Search: How you find the exact information you’re needing

Because so much of Aspire’s functionality is based around the compilation of data, we’ve greatly improved filtering capabilities within the Advanced Search function.

Now, all advanced search settings are accessible from within the search-results grid to allow for quick modifications. This means you’ll no longer have to drill into a separate Settings page to adjust your search parameters. We’ve also moved actions available within Advanced Settings, such as New Activities and Links, into kebab menus at the end of each row for easy access.

Important Resources: How you access and reference notifications and resources

To support our objective of providing unparalleled customer care and continuing education, we’ve created a new, centralized information hub that’s easily accessible from any page within Aspire.

From the Resource Center, you can now quickly access and read announcements, check critical alerts, reference the Aspire user manual and other guides or tutorials, share your ideas, request real-time support via chat—and more. Even better, this section will offer topic-related contextual suggestions to help ensure you find exactly what you need.


At Aspire, we strive to continually evolve for the better. With the efficiencies created by the new user interface, users will find they can now complete their typical daily tasks and access information in the system quicker and with fewer clicks.

We’re excited to deliver the best possible experience to our clients with the Aspire Evolution Release, coming in the first half of 2021.

Stay tuned for more updates—and if you have any questions regarding the upcoming Evolution Release, please let us know.


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