As the Caretakers of the Vegas Strip, Par 3 Doesn’t Gamble on Inefficient Processes

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PublishedDecember 13, 2023

As the Caretakers of the Vegas Strip, Par 3 Doesn’t Gamble on Inefficient Processes


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It’s not easy to win big in Las Vegas, but Par 3 Landscape Management has beat the odds. 

Since its founding in 1995, the commercial landscaping company has racked up an impressive portfolio maintaining high-end properties throughout Vegas. Next time you catch a photo of the Las Vegas Strip, the Raiders’ practice facility, or the palm trees framing the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, you’re looking at Par 3’s handiwork. 

But Par 3 isn’t resting on its laurels, said Brad Hill, director of operations. With over 500 employees and a fleet of 200 trucks, there’s always plenty of work. 

To manage it all, Hill introduced Par 3 to Aspire, a field service software built for landscaping companies.

“As you're growing a company, your biggest focuses revolve around how you're going to be efficient and how you're going to replicate what’s made you successful,” Hill said. “Aspire has helped us get (rid of) inefficiencies and helped us as we train new employees on how we operate.”

Hill even used Aspire to build a new irrigation division from the ground up, bringing in $2 million annually

“That's probably what I would consider my greatest accomplishment (at Par 3),” Hill said. “Developing a full division, setting it up with standard operating procedures inside of Aspire, and seeing it turn into a profitable division.”

Treasured maps in PropertyIntel

There’s no off-season for landscape businesses in the high desert, but palm season, when Par 3 is tasked with trimming palm trees throughout the Las Vegas area, is particularly busy.

In the past, crews would visit a site and write down the location and type of each palm on the property. From there, the team could compile an estimate for the customer and make a plan for trimming inaccessible trees. This work was done on paper, which was easily lost from year to year.

This process was inefficient, and crews wasted time recounting trees. To speed up estimating and planning, Par 3 turned to PropertyIntel, a feature that provides measuring and mapping tools to collect property data and generate takeoffs.

“Now, we (count the palms) once, and that data lives in (Aspire), so we never have to go back on site to recount,” Hill said. “It’s enabled us to bid once and use that information in the future for everything else we're doing on-site.”

Hill can take the data in PropertyIntel to build a professional estimate to send to customers in minutes. Once booked, the crew can access aerial maps of properties to arrive with a plan for trimming palm trees—even if they’re on the 30th floor of a hotel-casino. 

Make a splash—even in the desert

Hill originally suggested that Par 3 use Aspire two years ago. Since then, he’s only come to appreciate the software more. Here are some of his favorite features:

  • Real-time reporting: In the past, Hill would wait for analysts and the CFO to compile financial data, but this information could be weeks old by the time it reached him. Now, Hill can generate detailed financial reports in Aspire himself and monitor how Par 3 is performing daily.

  • Scheduling: With Aspire’s scheduling board, it’s easy to reassign jobs, reschedule appointments, and manage tickets. Last-minute adjustments are no issue: Crews can see any schedule updates from the field. Now, Hill says his team can wrap up scheduling in 30 minutes a day.

  • Fleet management: Minimize downtime in your fleet by tracking mileage numbers, registrations, and equipment conditions in Aspire. Par 3 has taken advantage of Aspire’s Azuga integration to gain insights into vehicle wear and tear, driving behaviors, and registration status. 

Find your “a-ha!” moment

Hill regularly attends Par 3’s P&L (profit and loss) meetings. Historically, those meetings were spent reviewing how the team was tracking toward their revenue goals and checking performance. 

But recently, Hill had a revelation. He and his team had detailed, up-to-the-minute revenue data available in Aspire at all times. Why were they going through these numbers as a group?

That’s when Hill had the idea to transform these meetings into something that could benefit Par 3 today—and in the future. 

“(We) turned P&L meetings into more of a strategy session,” Hill said. “Now, we can say, ‘This is where we're at. What can we do for the future to increase our margins, our profitability, and how we're maintaining these properties?’”

Without getting bogged down in outdated workflows, Hill and his team have more time in their day to focus on what matters: landscaping. 

“I would recommend Aspire to others in the industry for one reason: increasing your production and efficiency,” Hill said. “Aspire is a solution that helps us improve landscaping services and get our clients what they need.”


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