Coming Soon: Aspire Landscape Version 5.4

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PublishedJanuary 8, 2020

Coming Soon: Aspire Landscape Version 5.4

Scheduled for release on January 23, Aspire business management software version 5.4 will feature a number of enhancements to functionality as well as the user experience. Below are details of the key improvements included in this release:

Job Dashboard

For the greatest efficiency, operations managers need quick insight into the most important facets of each project without having to navigate to multiple areas of the system. With this release, an overview of all work orders on one screen centralizes key details per project to enable better visualization and tracking. Users can access the dashboard via a new “Job Dashboard” button located on the Work-Order Opportunity page or directly from an opportunity list.

Project Gantt View

Version 5.4 will include a new visual element that provides operations managers with a birds-eye view of larger, work-order projects by displaying the project timeline, current progress, and any due or upcoming tasks or milestones on a Gantt chart. This visualization will allow operations managers to easily access the project status, view a breakdown of all work to be done at both the Work Ticket and Job levels, and make quick adjustments if needed.

Tasks, Appointments, & Milestones

In this release, a list of “activities” assigned to each project will be shown at both the Opportunity and Work Ticket level as well as displayed on a Gantt chart to provide a visual. In this new section, users can access all activities associated with the Work Ticket—or all work tickets at the Job level—and apply parameters for filtered views. Users can also add “milestones” to the Gantt chart to indicate deadlines or other key dates that will be designated with a special icon to signify their importance.

Visit Notes & Attachments

Communication is key to providing the best possible service. With this latest release, one or multiple notes and/or attachments can be left at the Visit level, with the option for threaded conversations. This functionality allows Crew Mobile users to explain field events and back-office users to add per-visit notes. A new “roll-up” feature has been added that displays all visit notes at the corresponding Work Tickets, Jobs, and even at the associated Property.

Work Ticket Screen Enhancements

To increase user operations and reduce scrolling, this release features several enhancements to the Work Ticket page, including the placement of more pressing elements at the top of the page

Electronic Payments by Branch

Accepting electronic payments provides customers with flexible options for paying their invoices and can potentially speed up the collection of receivables. In the 5.4 release, the Electronic Payments function will include the setup option “By Branch” to allow customers with multiple merchant IDs to adopt our electronic payments integration.

Allow Hours Adjustment within Work in Progress Report

With this update, “Estimated Hours to Complete” can be easily adjusted on the fly directly from the Work in Progress report. This time-saving improvement provides users with a central location for making quick revisions to hours across numerous work tickets related to various projects.

Complete details of all improvements will be provided to Aspire customers in the release notes.

If you have any questions about these features, contact AspireCare for more information. If you are not an Aspire customer but want to learn more about our software, please contact us.


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