Landscaping Appointment Reminder Template (+ Free PDF Download)

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PublishedDecember 11, 2023

Nothing is more frustrating than a property owner who doesn’t attend the scheduled appointment. 

→ No-show appointments cost your business time and money, whether you’re shut out of a sales call or locked out of the service area.

Lawn care and landscaping service businesses can lessen the chance of no-shows with something as simple as a friendly reminder over email, text, or a phone call. Or by using appointment reminders with the automation of field service software, such as Aspire. 

Cloud-based business management software improves customer communication, streamlines workflows, and ensures profitability on every route for every crew.

Benefits of appointment reminder email templates

Emails remain one of the most effective forms of appointment reminders. They allow companies to share information directly with clients and provide a linked call-to-action.

Never mix messages within reminder emails. These are appointment confirmations, not service descriptions or pricing guides. Send separate emails to ensure your reminders are opened and read.

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Tips for creating email appointment reminders that not only get read, but stick in the customer’s mind:

Personalization: Don’t just insert the customer's name; consider ways to personalize the content based on the service they've booked or their past interactions with your company.

Value Addition: Include helpful tips or interesting facts related to landscaping that your clients might appreciate.

Visual Appeal: Use eye-catching formatting, icons, or images that align with your brand.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Ensure the CTA is clear and compelling, encouraging the customer to engage.

Mobile-Friendliness: Optimize the format for mobile viewing, as many customers will read these emails on their phones.

Using appointment reminder text templates

Most people always have their phones on them, making SMS text messaging an effective way to send a quick reminder. 

Appointment reminder text messages should be short and sweet. Keep all the critical information on one screen so people don’t have to scroll. Customers can glance at their phones and take in the information.

Some additional tips for creating your text message template reminders:

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Keep it Concise: Aim for a maximum of 160 characters to ensure your message is not split into multiple parts, including a straightforward CTA, such as a confirmation link or a phone number for rescheduling. Make it easy for the customer to take the next step to reduce no-shows and improve customer service.

Personalize the Message: Use the customer's name and reference specific appointment details (e.g., type of service, date, time) to make the message feel more personal and relevant.

Timeliness: Send reminders at an appropriate time. Avoid early mornings or late nights. Ideally, send a reminder 24 to 48 hours before the appointment.

Opt-out Option: Include a way for customers to opt out of receiving text messages, respecting their communication preferences.

Test and Optimize: Monitor your text and email reminder open rate and response rates to determine their effectiveness. Use customer feedback and data to refine your approach.

Phone calls for appointment reminders

Many landscaping business owners still prefer phone calls to communicate with their customers. Even if the customer doesn’t pick up, a voice message can support customer experiences and build brand loyalty.

Be ready to speak with someone, but expect most calls to go to voicemail. Keep the message short and direct, just as with emails and texts. People want information as quickly as possible to return to what they were doing.

When creating your phone scripts for effective appointment reminders, balance professionalism, clarity, and a personal touch. Here are some tips to ensure your phone calls are well-received:

AL MOFU Appoitment Reminder Template 3

Be Personable and Friendly: Start with a warm greeting and your business name. Use the customer's name to make the call feel personal and engaging and to separate yourself from spam calls and telemarketers.

Confirm Details: Clearly state the appointment date, time, and service type. If you’re leaving a voicemail, repeat these details at the end of the message.

Prepare for Questions: Calling allows customers to ask questions about making changes to their upcoming appointments and add-ons to their service. Be ready to answer common questions about the service or address any concerns the customer might have.

Use a Positive Tone: It’s hard to convey tone in email and text, but on the phone, customers interact directly with your team. Maintaining an upbeat tone throughout the call improves customer experience and perception.

Appointment reminder best practices

Nothing’s more frustrating than a missed appointment. It wastes time and costs you money.

Using all the communication methods available ensures your crews will generate revenue and stay profitable for their entire schedule. Whether email, text, phone calls, or a combination of the three, keep these tips in mind:

  • Timing is everything. The most effective service reminders come the day before the appointment time for the service. People know their schedules by then. An automated friendly follow-up an hour before will pick up any last-minute changes.

  • Pick a theme. Be consistent across your notifications whether you go with friendly, funny, formal, or something else. Choose a comfortable tone to stick with.

  • Clear and concise. Reminders confirm appointments or initiate a rescheduling. Customers don’t want chit-chat. Check-in, get a “yes,” and move forward.

  • Be direct. Make the call-to-action instructions clear if you want them to call, email, or click a “confirm appointment” link.

  • Solve problems. If the customer needs to reschedule, make it as easy as possible. Always include a phone number, email, or link to a website where someone will be responsive on your end.

  • Be friendly. Things happen, and sometimes people need to reschedule. It’s better to have customers return in a few weeks than not at all.

Keep your team moving and your time-based scheduling on track by limiting the no-shows.

Automate your appointment reminders

Automated reminders improve efficiency by lessening the time-consuming work your staff spends on communicating with customers and provide a cost-effective way to limit the number of no-shows.

Aspire’s automation system triggers personalized communication at specific times before an appointment. The software improves customer experience by providing a short, concise message with a clear call-to-action through a “confirm appointment” link.

Beyond automated messaging, Aspire software

  • Provides access to real-time data to power decisions.

  • Streamlines workflows to improve operational efficiency.

  • Leverages customizable estimating templates.

  • Provides integrations for every aspect of your operation.

  • Boosts sales opportunities through its CRM software.

Let Aspire help you optimize your landscaping business and transform how you operate. Schedule a free demonstration today!


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