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PublishedDecember 13, 2023


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Free Commercial Cleaning Invoice Template

Cleaning companies succeed by focusing on two key factors for growth: building a strong client base through outstanding service and continuously improving back-office operations with efficient processes.

You can improve monthly cash flow and customer relations by creating professional-looking, accurate invoices.  A template makes standardizing and tracking invoices easy by using a uniform, consistent layout.

You can build your own from scratch or download a free cleaning service invoice template from Aspire with step-by-step instructions. 

Why use a free commercial cleaning invoice template?

Cleaning template invoices provide a record of services rendered while communicating to clients the amount they owe your company and how to pay. 

→ Standardized invoices are essential to healthy cash flow

Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise-level cleaning outfits, benefit from pre-designed, professional invoice templates to create standardized billing. 

Commercial cleaning invoicing templates save time by providing an easy-to-read format and automated calculations. Templates ensure account managers don’t need to create new invoices every month for maintenance contracts.

The best house-cleaning invoice templates are straightforward. They provide essential details for recording transactions and can be emailed as a PDF attachment. The data entry structure helps avoid back-office errors as well. 

But templates only provide a short-term solution

Landscape invoicing software offers a permanent solution that adapts and grows with your needs.

When your business outgrows templates, and they impede rather than aid your operations, it's time to transition to a cloud-based software platform to manage your operations more effectively.

The right software eliminates repetitive operational tasks and enables your team to use their experience and skill to scale your business.

Janitorial invoicing templates are a starting point. But business management software systems likeAspire enable users to generate and send invoices quickly—from the same platform where they create estimates, manage resources, and collect credit card and ACH payments.

Through direct integrations with QuickBooks, payments are recorded in your accounting software as soon as they’re made. 

How to invoice for cleaning services

Templates for billing in the cleaning industry save time and strengthen accuracy, helping you get paid faster.

To create your own janitorial invoice template, be sure to include:

  • Header: Your company name, address, contact information, and logo.

  • Client information: Name, address, phone number, and any other contact information you want to collect (email, secondary contact name). This information helps both parties remain organized. Some clients may operate multiple businesses, so having the business name listed prominently under the header of the invoice template for cleaning services is crucial. 

  • Invoice information: The invoice date, a unique invoice number, and payment due date. Creating a unique invoice number for each job that includes the issue date and the payment due date allows you to easily track payment remittance across clients.

  • List of services: Use a grid or columns to itemize each line item and cost. If you charge an hourly rate or quantify individual services, list that as well. 

  • Total amount due: Calculate the subtotal, include any discounts, add applicable taxes, and calculate the final amount. A simple spreadsheet, such as Excel or Google Sheets, can do this automatically.

  • Payment terms: Do you accept checks, credit cards, or only electronic transfers? Provide details, electronic service addresses, and other pertinent information on how clients should submit payments. 

What does a cleaning service invoice template include?

Free commercial cleaning invoice templates can convey information or enhance your company's branding by making a visual impact.

Once you download a cleaning service invoice template and feel satisfied with the content, switch colors, fonts, and adjust the general look to match your company’s brand. 

A clean, standardized format ensures your team and the customers can quickly identify services and items included in the invoice.

The header should stand out from the invoice body with a larger font. Include a company slogan or a personalized “thank you for your business” message at the end. 

How invoicing templates ensure accurate billing and improve efficiency

Establishing a standardized invoice format forms the basis for redefining efficiency within your business. Promoting a template workflow throughout your organization empowers your team to expedite the creation and sending of invoices.

Ensuring accuracy in billing, spanning from the invoicing process to the details included on the invoice, offers numerous benefits for both your employees and clients:

  • Makes it clear to clients what they’re paying for with breakdowns for labor, supplies, and consumables

  • Eliminates disputes with issue dates and due dates, defining late payment and explaining late fees and consequences for past-due payment (such as suspended service)

  • Improves cash flow for your organization by offering options such as a credit card on file for monthly charges

The less time your team spends chasing forgotten invoices and late payments, the more time they have to invest in improving the business- generating pipeline, and landing new accounts.

Best practices for cleaning business invoicing

Clear, detailed invoice information helps ensure clients pay in full and on time.  

Business owners who want to go beyond the basics can add the following:

  • Invoice form customization: Recommend follow-up services, use your brand’s fonts and colors, add your logo, and remove any irrelevant fields—like a business address when invoicing for home cleaning services.

  • Detailed descriptions: Go beyond a top-line explanation of services and flat rates to provide detailed reporting such as add-ons, square foot coverage, or specific office cleaning. Keep track of and list consumables for the property, including unit prices, such as hand soap, trash bags, and toilet paper.

  • Social media and coupons: Further engage customers by inviting them to your website or social media sites or offering discounts on future services.

  • Follow-up invoices: Add a watermark or prominent “Reminder” when payments miss the due date and a secondary late payment notice goes out for overdue payments.

Specialized software such as Aspire provides various options and additional features. By transitioning to paperless invoicing, you can automate the process, reducing errors, eliminating manual data entry, and minimizing the risk of lost paperwork while enhancing your customer communication efforts.

Aspire also features a cloud-based customer portal, so you can not only send online invoices but also collect online payments via the customer’s preferred payment method—credit card or ACH bank transfer.

Better than a free cleaning invoice template: Cleaning business software

When your focus pivots from day-to-day operations to driving new profitability and growth, using a janitorial invoice template may limit your ability to scale.

Invoicing software delivers initial invoices, tracks payments, identifies outstanding invoices, and integrates payments with accounting software.

Aspire is a cloud-based business management software designed with cleaning services in mind. Customizable workflow templates bring estimating, scheduling, invoicing, and purchasing under one automated system.

As the only end-to-end business management system for cleaning contractors, Aspire provides visibility into every aspect of operations. 

Custom reports with real-time data empower cleaning businesses to make timely, informed decisions that dramatically improve sales, productivity, accountability, and profits.

Book a free demo today with Aspire to learn how the software can revolutionize your business, from job costing and invoicing to reporting.


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