Coming Soon: Aspire Version 5.8

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PublishedSeptember 23, 2020

Coming Soon: Aspire Version 5.8

Aspire will deploy a new release Thursday evening, October 1. Major updates include enhancements to Aspire’s snow functionality as well as its data import process, equipment management capabilities, and password security. Aspire users can access complete details of all updates to the system in the release notes.

Snow Functionality

Property Snow Operation Notes

The 5.8 release brings snow-specific notes to Aspire. Now, when a snow division service is performed, Snow Operation Notes will appear within Aspire Reporting and Crew Mobile in place of standard Operation Notes. With this functionality, users can ensure the right notes are displayed at the right time—and in the right platform—to keep operations team and crews up to speed as seasons change, giving them an advantage over the weather and the competition.

'As-Needed' Exception Tool

During the busy snow season, it’s crucial to make sure all properties receive the appropriate ‘as-needed’ service for each snow event. With Aspire’s new As-Needed Exception tool, users can view a list of outstanding services on properties during a selected date period. By leveraging this tool, users can make sure all as-needed services are performed to not only ensure customer satisfaction but also accurate revenue gain. 

Retain Current Day until Clock-Out in Crew Mobile

Keeping crews informed and operations running smoothly is critical during snow season. To simplify the time-keeping process, we’ve adjusted the filter in Crew Mobile to remain on the same date of the service until clock out, eliminating the need for additional clicks after late-night services that run into the early morning hours are performed.

'Read All' Company Routes for Subcontractors

In addition to their individually assigned routes, subcontractors can now also view all routes for their company to help reduce tedious setup and keep them focused on the job at hand.

Data Import

Contact and Property Bulk Import

At Aspire, we’re always working to improve the user experience. To that end, we’ve expanded our data-import functionality to include bulk import of both Contacts and Properties into Aspire, an enhancement that will greatly benefit new and current users alike. With this capability, new clients coming to Aspire can quickly import existing data from a previous database, speeding up the on-boarding process, while current users who wish to expand their reach can easily import data in bulk from an outside tool.

Equipment Management

Equipment Utilization Report

Maintaining a fleet of equipment is a troubling and tedious challenge that can also impact your bottom line, particularly when you don’t have insight into its use. With Aspire’s new Equipment Utilization report, users can easily view month-over-month asset use to gain a better understanding of equipment under- or over-utilization so they can make necessary adjustments or determine when additional assets are needed.

Equipment Allocation in Time Entry Screen

To enhance the user experience in Time Entry and improve tracking of assets, equipment assigned to a crew member during clock-in/-out is displayed underneath that individual instead of showing all equipment nested beneath the crew leader.


'Forgot Password' Changes

Keeping user information safe and secure is a top priority at Aspire. To strengthen security and privacy for our users, we’ve reconfigured our password-reset workflow to ensure passwords always remain encrypted. Now, when submitting a request to reset their password, users will receive an email with an embedded link that will take them to a password-reset page when clicked. Once reset, the user can log in with the updated password and have confidence that their information is secure.

If you have any questions about these features, contact AspireCare for more information. If you are not an Aspire customer but want to learn more about our software, please contact us.


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