Coming Soon: Aspire Version 5.6

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PublishedMay 15, 2020

Coming Soon: Aspire Version 5.6

Aspire will deploy a new release Thursday evening, May 28. Major updates in Aspire v5.6 include estimating, scheduling, and invoicing enhancements to further expand the functionality of the Master Schedule of Values, streamline scheduling, and optimize the invoicing process.

Complete details of all improvements will be provided to Aspire customers in the release notes.

Estimating Enhancements

Master Schedule of Values: Adding Negative Line Items

In a recent update, we introduced the concept of Master Schedule of Values for Fixed Price, Open Billing Work Orders, providing users with a centralized schedule of values sheet for each project. With this release, we’ve improved upon this even further. Users can now create a negative line item directly inside the Master Schedule of Values (SOV) when they create/win a change order that has a negative value.

Once the Master SOV is ready for invoicing, users will navigate to the Invoicing Assistant and proceed as normal. The negative Master SOV line item will appear along with the positive items.

Work Orders and T&M per Service Invoices

Now users can add a new invoice type to their Fixed Price, Open Billing (FPOB) opportunities on a service. By clicking into the service on the estimate (base estimate or change order), the user can select a new invoice type of “T&M per service”. The service will operate like any other T&M service but now fits into the FPOB workflow. Once a T&M service is complete, it will appear inside the Invoicing Assistant as ready to invoice for the opportunity. Users can invoice these services alongside the Master Schedule of Value line times from the original work order.

Scheduling Enhancements

Schedule an Event: Opportunity Tag Now Available

Opportunity tags are a great way to sort and organize in Aspire. This data field is now exposed in the “Schedule an Event” grid to help increase accuracy and efficiency when creating your schedule in bulk using this feature.

Auto-Expenses: Additional Invoice Types

Last year, we rolled out a new Auto-Expenses functionality that allows users to create material and hours for their subs that changes based on the agreed-upon price. We’ve now expanded this functionality to pull in more invoice types, greatly increasing the ways in which you can leverage Auto-Expenses.

Multi-Visit Services Hours and Material Quantities

For multi-visit services, users can now set default values for both the hours and material quantities that appear in the Visit Detail screen as well as the Crew Mobile app. This improvement will eliminate the need to remember specific amounts and reduce time spent on data entry for services that require large material counts upfront for use in smaller quantities over the service's lifecycle. 

Invoicing Enhancements

Attach Proposal to Emailed Invoices

Users can now choose to attach proposals to the same email when sending invoices. The system will use the correct layout, even if multiple exist, or will allow the user to select one if it was never set. This enhancement makes organization easier by allowing users to send emails with multiple PDF attachments.

If you have any questions about these features, contact AspireCare for more information. If you are not an Aspire customer but want to learn more about our software, please contact us.


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