Improving business processes in commercial cleaning: Staffing visibility

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PublishedDecember 29, 2022

Improving business processes in commercial cleaning: Staffing visibility


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Our current blog series, “Improving Business Processes in Commercial Cleaning,” is dedicated to helping janitorial businesses understand how changes in day-to-day processes have an impact on performance, efficiency, and growing your bottom line. 

While the aspects of your day-to-day processes may seem small compared to the grander scheme, they can significantly impact your janitorial business’s growth. Optimizing these processes allows you to free up time for greater service efficiency and increase profit margins.

While these changes may not ignite instant growth for your commercial cleaning business, they enable you to start to scale your business for the kind of growth you’re expecting. This is why staffing visibility is an integral part of your business practice to focus on. 

Today’s blog will focus on the effectiveness of proper scheduling and optimizing your business for growth. 

Staffing in the janitorial industry

Staffing for a commercial cleaning company accounts for most of the overhead and costs within the business. Yet, it can often be the make-or-break aspect of the business. If costs are too high, profitability decreases, and the same can be said for a decrease in efficiencies. Finding the balance between investing in your staff and increasing efficiency is challenging, but not impossible.

Getting the right visibility into your workforce means understanding where your workers are and what they are doing at all times. This can feel like a case of micro-managing, but that’s not the intent of this necessity. Visibility is about being able to respond and adapt to any rising need. This means if you need to communicate with clients about late arrivals, adjust for understaffed crews, or analyze your workload capabilities, you can perform those actions in real time.

Having this insight and flexibility allows you to maintain a consistent level of quality with clients even when hurdles arise. Beyond client communication, visibility gives you consistent insight into performance. 

Absentee notifications

Acquiring constant visibility doesn’t mean overloading your crew with policies on check-ins, timestamps, or even additional supervision. In the commercial cleaning business, visibility can be achieved simply through the acquisition of the right business management software.

A comprehensive business management platform for janitorial provides the ability to manage all aspects of your business but also helps organizations grow by standardizing processes across your business. Most organizations strive to hire the best people but also need help managing their staff in the field. 

A key technology included in Aspire’s management platform is absentee notifications. 

Absentee notifications: A feature tightly linked to time-based scheduling, these notifications provide a comprehensive tool for managing field staff and client locations. Absentee notifications track employee clock-ins and notify managerial staff if an employee does not clock in by a specified time. These notifications can be sent via SMS to supervisors if employees clock in after the start time. It also allows notifications to be sent via SMS if employees call in sick.

Aspire also helps businesses optimize their field operations with solutions for:

  • Scheduling: Cloud-based scheduling features let your staff leads manage their teams with complete visibility into everyone's availability, workload, and currently assigned tasks.

  • Time tracking: With live update capabilities, time tracking is as easy as a click of a button for your teams.

  • Task management: With a streamlined hub of your current jobs and crew availability, it becomes easier to know who to assign tasks to while balancing efficiency. 

  • Site audits: Give your teams all the information they need before they even arrive without the additional need for tedious debriefs or run-throughs.

These, as well as other critical features required in the janitorial industry, are what make Aspire’s management platform one of the most comprehensive tools in the janitorial industry.

With Aspire janitorial solutions, absentee notifications allow organizations to:

  • Get SMS notifications when employees do not clock in or call in sick.

  • Respond quickly to scheduling changes in the field.

  • Utilize cross-capabilities throughout the organization with a comprehensive set of tools. 

  • Better manage the overall performance of staff as well as customer communications.

  • Forecast scheduling and respond instantly to field staff issues and changes.

Want to experience software designed to help janitorial companies achieve growth at twice the industry rate? Schedule a commercial cleaning software demonstration with Aspire and see how you can take your business efficiencies to the next level.


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