Best Janitorial Apps with Inventory Management [Top 8 Picks]

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PublishedOctober 16, 2023

Best Janitorial Apps with Inventory Management [Top 8 Picks]


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A streamlined inventory management system allows cleaning companies to manage customer demand, eliminate excessive spending, and increase profit.

Many commercial cleaning business owners find an integrated inventory management solution enables them to:

  • Accurately track supplies for jobs

  • Leverage buying power to take advantage of bulk pricing or vendor discounts

  • Integrate purchasing data with job costs and profitability reports

  • Maximize efficiency and savings

Some of the best inventory management software platforms for the janitorial industry are:

  • Aspire

  • Janitorial Manager

  • Jobber

  • Enerpize

  • Swept 

  • Clean Smarts

  • BigChange

  • Fieldpoint

In this guide, you will find a full comparison between these inventory management software options so you can find the right solution for your cleaning business.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of September 2023.

Best janitorial apps with inventory management: Comparison table (with ratings & pricing)

When determining which janitorial software with inventory management is the best option, consider your specific business needs compared to software features and benefits. The following chart compares inventory management software ratings, pricing, and whether it offers a free plan or trial.


Best For

Capterra Rating

Free Plan/Trial



Mid- to enterprise-level commercial cleaning businesses



Varies based on company size; all plans for unlimited users

Janitorial Manager

Small to midsize cleaning companies



Not published


Small residential cleaning companies



$49-$249/mo. with limited users


Small to midsize businesses

5/5 (1 review)




Small to large commercial cleaning businesses



Not published

Clean Smarts

Small cleaning companies

5/5 (2 reviews)




Small to large field service businesses





Mid- to enterprise-level field service businesses



Not published

Best janitorial inventory management apps by use case

The best janitorial software with inventory management helps businesses in the cleaning industry save time and money. This list shows the best janitorial inventory management software by use case.

Janitorial software with inventory management offers varying degrees of features, ease of use, and capabilities. Find an in-depth comparison of janitorial software solutions below.

Platform #1: Aspire

Aspire’s cloud-based janitorial business management platform empowers commercial cleaning companies to improve cleaning job management, increase team efficiency, and operate more profitably.

Image Source: Aspire

Aspire's end-to-end system automates cleaning business operations through real-time:

  • Scheduling and dispatching

  • Estimating

  • Time tracking

  • Purchasing and inventory

  • Job costing

  • CRM

  • Invoicing

  • Reporting

Standout capabilities

Aspire enables commercial cleaning companies to simplify purchasing, track inventory levels, and eliminate excessive spending. Its integrated functionality allows cleaning companies to allocate materials and cleaning supplies to jobs for real-time insight into actual job costs.

Aspire’s Crew Mobile app for iOS and Android devices gives on-site team members access to all job information, shows cleaning inspections and checklists, and provides location geo-stamping notifications. The mobile app enhances team communication and ensures sufficient supplies for current and future jobs, enabling cleaning companies to improve quality control and customer satisfaction.

Downsides to consider

Since Aspire provides an all-in-one business management system, some cleaning service businesses may need to adjust operational workflows for the best results.

Top features

Aspire’s inventory management features eliminate manual data entry and increase accuracy.

Top features include:

  • Inventory automation: Estimated materials and supplies automatically carry over from a won estimate, so you can easily see what you need to purchase for one or multiple jobs.

  • Centralized purchasing: Manage vendors, request and compare material or supply prices, and submit purchase orders, all in one place. Integrations with QuickBooks and Acumatica ensure accurate accounting.

  • Real-time inventory management: Use the purchasing assistant feature to track exact material or supply levels and reorder at the right time. This also helps you plan and purchase for future jobs.

  • Accurate job costing: Allocate material or supplies when used on the job to capture real-time job costs and stay on budget.


Aspire plans include the same core features and unlimited users.

  • Corporate: For commercial cleaning businesses with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million

  • Enterprise: For commercial cleaning businesses with annual revenue above $15 million

For smaller cleaning companies, Aspire offers:

  • Crew Control: $30 per month, per crew

  • Crew Control Plus: $50 per month, per crew

Platform #2: Janitorial Manager

Janitorial Manager’s cloud-based software provides job tracking, documentation, and other management tools for janitors.

Image Source: Janitorial Manager

The janitorial service software helps cleaning service companies increase transparency in operations, enhance team and customer communication, and improve quality control and customer service.

Standout capabilities

Janitorial Manager provides inventory tracking for sanitization and other janitorial supplies. Janitorial companies can set a monthly budget for individual locations to stay on budget at each facility.

A mobile app increases communication and enables cleaning teams to document services and supplies. An online portal functions as a hub for mobile applications and shows cleaning business managers their team’s data, allowing them to order inventory when needed.

Downsides to consider

Users cite the software isn’t as user-friendly when it comes to creating cleaning proposals and invoices.

Top features

  • Supply tracking: Track cleaning supplies and set budgets at each client facility.

  • Mobile app: The JM Connect mobile app enables cleaning teams to document services and supplies.

  • Client portal: Clients can request supplies, work orders, and other requests online.


Janitorial Manager does not publish plan pricing online.

Comparing Janitorial Manager and Aspire

Compared to Janitorial Manager, Aspire provides more integrated functionality in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive proposals using company production factors and lists of materials for accurate and consistent workloading and bidding

  • Real-time job costing that tracks labor and material costs for each job

  • Optimized invoicing with QuickBooks and Acumatica accounting integrations

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, visit this comparison hub.

Platform #3: Jobber

Jobber provides software to help home service contractors simplify business.

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber’s CRM , timekeeping, and scheduling software helps small businesses keep customer data in one place, better manage jobs, and increase customer communication.

Standout capabilities

Jobber’s work order management software provides expense tracking for jobs, including cleaning materials and supplies. It doesn’t offer specific features to track cleaning supply inventory.

The software provides customer communication features, such as two-way text messaging, so clients can more easily communicate with companies. It also streamlines payment processing, allowing clients to pay online or on-site with a credit card.

Downsides to consider

While Jobber provides chemical and pesticide tracking for landscaping companies, it doesn’t track cleaning supply inventory or inventory stocked at specific locations. Instead, it offers an integration with Zoho Inventory.

Top features

  • Expense tracking: Track expenses related to cleaning jobs.

  • Mobile app: Upload receipts in the field and attach them to the right job.

  • Customer communication: Make it easier for customers to communicate and request supplies with two-way text messaging.


Jobber offers the following plans with varying features:

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to 5 users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users. Additional users $29/mo. each.

Comparing Jobber and Aspire

Janitorial businesses choose Aspire over Jobber because Aspire helps janitorial contractors leverage growth through:

  • Customizable bidding templates and kits to increase accuracy and profitability of cleaning proposals

  • Drill-down reports built with custom metrics to show real-time job and overall business performance

  • Ability to scale with your business as you add new service verticals, expand market share, or open new branches

For more details on these differences, check out our complete comparison article: Jobber vs. Aspire.

Platform #4: Enerpize

Enerpize’s cloud-based software helps business owners better manage their operations.

Image Source: Enerpize

The software consists of several modules for businesses in a variety of retail and service industries to simplify operations, inventory, sales, accounting, and client and employee management.

Standout capabilities

Enerpize helps cleaning companies organize their businesses and inventory by eliminating the use of spreadsheets and other manual tracking methods.

Its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps cleaning service businesses organize and track cleaning supply stock and receive notifications for low inventory. Businesses can also track inventory transactions and issue purchase orders to suppliers.

Downsides to consider

While businesses can track cleaning job expenses, the software doesn’t offer a job costing feature to track actual vs. budgeted job costs.

Top features

  • Track cleaning inventory: Track real-time stock levels and receive low inventory notifications to replenish cleaning supplies.

  • Organize supplies: Add and categorize products in different ways, including by name, type, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, handle, and tag.

  • Manage purchase orders: Create a list of cleaning supplies to quickly place new purchase orders.


Enerpize plans include:

  • Basic: $9.99/mo.

  • Advanced: $29.99/mo.

  • Premium: $41.63/mo.

Comparing Enerpize and Aspire

Aspire empowers janitorial service providers to work more efficiently and profitably by providing:

  • Key features to streamline everything from scheduling and inventory tracking to estimating and invoicing

  • The ability to track material, labor hours, and other job costs to protect profits

  • Detailed, visual dashboards so cleaning business owners gain real-time insight and make better business decisions

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, check out this comparison hub.

Platform #5: Swept

Swept janitorial software provides workforce management tools for commercial cleaning businesses.

Image Source: Swept

Swept software features include scheduling, time tracking, supply tracking, and problem reporting. Its tools enhance communication with teams and customers so cleaning businesses deliver better service.

Standout capabilities

Swept’s supply tracking allows businesses to organize their inventory. Using a mobile app, team members can request cleaning supplies before supplies run out. Supply tracking features show the number of items remaining and the number of items needed.

Downsides to consider

While Swept integrates with QuickBooks, Swept’s supply tracking features do not integrate with a purchase order system.

Top features

  • Supply tracking: Cleaning crews report needed supplies at particular locations.

  • Mobile app: A mobile app streamlines supply tracking and reporting. The app also features translations for instructions and messages.

  • Team and client messaging: Provides a communication channel with teams and clients to enhance service and customer satisfaction.


Swept offers starter, professional, and advanced plans with varying features but does not publish plan prices online. All plans start with 15 locations included, with $10 for each additional location, depending on the plan and the number of additional locations.

Comparing Swept and Aspire

Growing commercial cleaning businesses choose Aspire because it streamlines key areas of purchasing, including:

  • A quick view of material or supply lists to enable managers to purchase supplies for one or multiple jobs

  • Material allocation through the mobile app, when team members apply purchased or inventoried items directly to a job

  • Automatic tax calculations for different tax jurisdictions and tax types

Visit this comparison hub to see how Aspire compares with other leading software alternatives.

Platform #6: Clean Smarts

Clean Smarts offers business software for cleaning service providers to simplify business management.

Image Source: Clean Smarts

Its features help business owners schedule staff, organize work, share inspections, and communicate with clients.

Standout capabilities

Clean Smarts’ supply management features track supply levels at service locations, manage order fulfillment, and automate customer reminders if customers replenish supplies.

Businesses can track overall supply levels and send supply requests. A mobile app makes it easier for cleaning team members to update current supply level information.

Downsides to consider

The software has just a few reviews, and some mobile app users report functionality issues.

Top features

  • Inventory tracking: Store information about all supply levels, including item pictures.

  • Mobile app: On-site cleaning team members can request needed supplies. A multilingual app helps teams communicate in different languages.

  • Supply requests: Send supply requests to the right person immediately, even if the customer is responsible for restocking supplies.


Clean Smarts offers the following plans:

  • Foundation: $125/mo. for up to 10 users; additional users $6/ea. Maximum 100 users.

  • Expert: $200/mo. for up to 10 users; additional users $8/ea. Maximum 300 users.

Comparing Clean Smarts and Aspire

Cleaning business owners who seek a complete software solution turn to Aspire because of these key areas:

  • The ability to quickly create winning bids with proposal templates and management-approved profit margins

  • An intuitive invoicing assistant with color-coded invoice statuses, list and filters features, and bulk actions to pay multiple invoices at a time

  • The same features and an unlimited number of users, enabling cleaning company business owners to focus on growth

Check out this comparison hub to see how Aspire compares with other leading software alternatives.

Platform #7: BigChange

BigChange, based in the United Kingdom, offers a cloud-based field service management software to streamline business operations and simplify administrative tasks.

Image Source: BigChange

The software offers features for businesses to implement standardized workflows and connects mobile cleaning business workers.

Standout capabilities

BigChange allows cleaning companies to track inventory at different locations by several methods. The software also enables cleaning teams to allocate stock to jobs. Notifications alert companies so they know when to reorder supplies.

Downsides to consider

Reviewers cite constraints about tracking stock movement history.

Top features

  • Asset management: Track supplies by serial number, barcode, or QR codes.

  • Mobile app: Team members can scan supplies in and out of storage and allocate stock to jobs.

  • Low stock notifications: Set minimum stock levels and receive alerts when it’s time to reorder.


BigChange offers the following plans:

  • JourneyWatch: $18.19/mo. per vehicle

  • JobWatch: $97.28/mo. per office or mobile license

  • JobWatch Plus: $121.61/mo. per mobile user

Comparing BigChange and Aspire

Designed specifically to help cleaning businesses scale and grow, Aspire supports business success in the following ways:

  • End-to-end business management to streamline operational processes and increase efficiency

  • In-platform team communication to improve accountability and productivity

  • Real-time insights into every facet of business to identify areas of improvement and enhance performance

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, check out this comparison hub.

Platform #8: Fieldpoint

Fieldpoint provides field service management software for businesses in various industries, including facility maintenance management.

Image Source: Fieldpoint

Fieldpoint helps businesses manage customers and contracts, employees and subcontractors, projects, and billing.

Standout capabilities

Fieldpoint enables facility maintenance managers to track time, materials, and expenses. It provides inventory management and purchase order features by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP. With this integration, businesses can see inventory stock and generate purchase orders.

Downsides to consider

Users cite poor usability and report issues with the mobile app.

Top features

  • Track supplies: Track inventory stock levels with a Microsoft Dynamics GP integration.

  • Connect inventory with work orders: With the integration, stock levels update when managers add supplies to work orders.

  • Purchase orders: Use the integration to create a purchase order for needed materials or supplies.


Fieldpoint does not publish plan pricing.

Comparing Fieldpoint and Aspire

When compared to Fieldpoint, Aspire provides a complete system to connect business operations. In addition, Aspire offers:

  • A comprehensive purchasing platform to connect inventory, purchase orders, and vendor data

  • Automatically flag unallocated inventory items for each job with the mobile app, so nothing gets overlooked

  • Lifelong AspireCare customer support for troubleshooting, ongoing training, and business success

To learn how Aspire compares with other software alternatives, check out this comparison hub.

Looking for janitorial software with inventory management?

Comprehensive janitorial software with inventory management does much more than keep track of inventory levels. It streamlines day-to-day commercial cleaning operations, gives teams the tools to work more effectively, and drives business growth.

Aspire’s business management platform provides real-time visibility into every facet of operations, empowering janitorial contractors to improve efficiency, measure actual performance, and grow profit.

To see how Aspire takes your cleaning business to the next level, request a demo today.


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