A landscaper’s guide to calculating growth

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PublishedOctober 19, 2022

Making the right investment is key to your landscaping company’s growth. Aspire wants to help you make the right decision for your business.

We designed a data-driven calculator to help you evaluate if our software management solution is right for your needs. It analyzes a range of metrics:

  • Your current growth stage

  • Efficiencies and processes ready for optimization

  • Overall annual revenue

Discover the kind of return on investment (ROI) you can expect by implementing business management software built for the green industry.

What is an ROI calculator, and how can it support your company's growth?

Making decisions that stimulate growth and widen your margins is difficult to balance.

Understanding your landscaping business’s current growth stage and the investment you can make to add momentum is key to managing that balance.

An ROI calculator paints a real-time, crystal-clear picture of your business’s investment capabilities. 

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect: 

Why use an ROI calculator?

You have to take an analytical perspective when scaling your business to new heights.

Growth itself is an expensive path to take. Your company can’t push increased margins without:

  • Expanded services

  • Extended customer reach

  • Extensive hires

With all those financial challenges already burdening your momentum, you can’t afford to make the wrong investment in scaling your operations.

What does the right software platform do for a landscaping company?

Purchasing a tool or management software system that can help you and your team through:

  • Discovering opportunities for cost savings

  • Increasing operational efficiencies

  • Efforts to streamline processes

  • Maximizing organizational capabilities

Optimizing your current workflow is a necessary step in growth. But that, too, comes with its own financial burdens.

Using a calculator before demoing software means you’ll spend less time shopping for solutions and implementing cost-saving strategies sooner.

What calculating a return on investment does

The Aspire calculator examines the current financial standing of your business, factoring:

  • Margins

  • Headcount

  • Operating costs

It analyzes your company’s data to churn out how much you can afford to invest in a new SaaS system without halting growth or risking profits.

The right management technology should give more than it takes, and the investment calculator ensures it can deliver on the promise of annual savings before you make a jump.

What makes Aspire’s ROI calculator right for you?

Not all calculators for evaluating investment returns are built equal. Aspire has been in the landscaping software industry for over half a decade.

We used our experience working with high-growth landscaping companies to build a calculator from the ground up with industry-leading functionality.

Take advantage of our expertise by using a calculator that:

  • Accounts for your business’s growth needs

  • Understands the investments necessary to continue to scale

Our tool was designed not to record any of the values you input in the calculator, so your data is never at risk. 

Discover how leveraging landscaping management software can ignite new growth in your organization.

Begin the process yourself and calculate the impact Aspire’s cloud-based software could have on your landscaping business.

It only takes minutes, and your results are delivered in seconds. 

Fill out the landscaping software ROI calculator form and get a head start on evaluating your growth needs.


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