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PublishedOctober 19, 2022

Choosing technology that delivers a clear return on investment is key to growth for commercial cleaning companies. Aspire’s committed to helping business owners in the janitorial services industry make informed decisions.

Our cutting-edge ROI calculator matches companies in every growth stage with the ideal software solution for their needs. Just enter metrics regarding your company, such as:

  • Annual revenue

  • Growth stage

  • Workflow processes you want to optimize

Use this tool to learn the cost-saving benefits business management software provides to the janitorial and cleaning services industry.

How do return on investment calculators support organizational growth?

Business owners have to make decisions to improve margins while stimulating business growth. It can be tricky to balance these dual priorities.

Using a janitorial management platform provides data-driven support for making growth-centered daily decisions, offering insight into:

  • Your current growth stage

  • Business areas primed for new momentum

  • Ideal investments to scale your business

By entering details about your cleaning business into the Aspire calculator, you’ll get an accurate picture of your investment potential.

Here’s what to expect from the calculator:

Why use a calculator with ROI functionality?

Successfully scaling your business requires an analytical perspective of your operations and the broader industry. Actualizing growth requires substantial capital investment.

Increasing margins requires companies to push through challenges on all fronts, including:

  • Extensive hiring for field and office

  • Expanding into new cleaning services

  • Extending market reach to new customers

Taking on new operating costs on so many fronts burdens growth momentum. Investing in the wrong software platform can weaken your ability to scale.

How can user-friendly software benefit commercial cleaning businesses?

Having a cloud-based business management system is essential for building the structures that fuel growth:

  • Automate habitual and error-prone tasks

  • Streamline workflow and increase efficiencies

  • Maximize operational capabilities.

While there are long-term benefits of implementing a software solution, it can be an added financial burden.

What calculating an ROI does for a growing janitorial company

Aspire’s ROI calculator gives business owners critical insight into their business’s real-time financial standing. It analyzes:

  • Operational costs

  • Current company margins

  • Employee headcount

With user-provided data, the platform calculates how much a company can afford to invest in management software without risking:

  • Stalled growth momentum

  • Diminished profits

The perfect technology match for your cleaning business will give more than it takes. Use this calculator to ensure your preferred software will deliver.

Is the Aspire calculator for software ROI right for you?

Not all free tools deliver the same quality of service. Aspire has over a half decade of experience in the software industry and partners with high-growth commercial cleaning companies to scale their businesses.

We understand the unique needs of the janitorial industry and how to build software that benefits it.

This platform will give you insight into your investment priorities based on:

  • Your current financial standings

  • Your goals for the future

  • The areas of your company limiting your growth

Use the calculator confidently; it doesn’t record any entered values, so your company data is never at risk.

Start implementing the processes you need to unlock limitless growth in your cleaning business

Ready to transform the future of your janitorial business? Calculate the impact cloud-based business software could have on your organization.

The calculator only takes minutes to use, and you’ll see your results in seconds.

Fill out the janitorial software ROI calculator form to evaluate your growth needs.


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