Landscaping Job Application Template (+Free PDF Download)

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PublishedFebruary 14, 2023

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Landscaping Job Application Template (+Free PDF Download)

The success of landscaping businesses hinges on the dependability and skills of their workforce, which are crucial for delivering exceptional services at client properties. 

The quality of your teams in the field directly influences your capacity to cultivate a loyal client base. Staff engaged in lawn mowing, flowerbed maintenance, groundskeeping, and routine upkeep play a pivotal role in propelling the growth of your landscaping company. 

Capable employees work more effectively and complete tasks to high standards. A skilled and dedicated team allows you to take on more projects, expand your service offerings, and capture a larger market share.

So, how do you go about finding the right talent? 

A job application is your first impression as an employer

The proper job application encourages workers to apply for a position at your landscaping business while asking key questions to confidently hire the right landscaping professionals to grow your company. 

This article highlights the key components to include in a job application and tips for screening landscaping job candidates. Download our free Landscaping Job Application Template for a head start on creating an application that will fit your unique business needs.

What should a landscaping job application form include?

Detailed questions in your job application are the first step to finding the right landscaping techs. Essential questions typically ask for the following information to help you assess a candidate’s qualifications and suitability for the position.

Personal information

The specific details may vary depending on your business needs, but generally, you should include contact information like:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Consider also asking the candidate for a statement of why they want to work for your landscaping company.

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Work experience

While a lack of previous landscaping experience shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for hiring new talent, asking about a candidate’s past work experience can help you determine their: 

  • Skill level and years of experience

  • Job titles and pay rate

  • Training needed

  • Previous employers and employment dates

  • Responsibilities and achievements.


Depending on the position or type of work, you may need to hire workers with specific educational backgrounds. For instance, if hiring for a full-time finance position, you’ll want to ensure the candidate holds a degree in accounting or economics, just as you’d want to hire a candidate with a marketing background to manage your ad campaigns.


In the landscaping industry, job skills, and experience often prove more important than formal education. Make sure to ask the candidate to list all applicable skills, such as:

  • Hardscaping

  • Mowing

  • Tilling

  • Landscape design

If your business uses large trucks for transporting equipment, ask if the job seeker holds a valid driver’s license or CDL.

Consider adding a section in the employment application listing specific skills and asking the candidate to check all that apply.

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When a candidate looks great on paper, you can get to know them better by speaking with references about their character, work ethic, and skills.

Ask the candidate to list previous employers. Contacting references is also an excellent way to ensure the employee responded truthfully in their application. 

Additional questions

In addition to the information listed above, include additional get-to-know-your questions to learn more about the prospective employee. Consider asking questions like:

  • Why did you decide to work in landscaping?

  • What are your professional goals?

  • List an example where you overcame a customer objection.

Ultimately, the more you can learn about an applicant, the easier your hiring decision will be.

How to make a landscaping job application form stand out

The application may be the last thing that comes to mind when considering building a landscaping professional team. But, an enticing application can help you stand out from your competitors and simplify the hiring process.

  • Showcase company culture: Many people spend more time at work than at home, so they want to work for a company with a great company culture. Does your company host regular happy hours or BBQs? Mention it in the application.

  • Use a mobile-friendly design: Ensure your application form is accessible and easy to complete on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Younger workers often prefer phones over computers. A responsive design also shows your company understands the latest tech trends.

  • Highlight growth opportunities: The best landscaping companies develop their employees by encouraging them to learn new skills to advance their careers. Make sure to specify how your landscaping business helps promote growth opportunities.

  • Mention perks and benefits: Include any job perks and benefits that will resonate with job seekers, such as:

    • Health insurance

    • Bonuses

    • Overtime pay

    • Paid time off

Do you offer employees additional perks like access to an employee health center or gift cards for a job well done? Mention these perks in the job posting.

Effective ways to screen candidates for a landscaping job

As the employment application forms start to come in, hiring managers should screen and evaluate candidates before inviting them in for an interview or extending an offer. 

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Make sure the candidate completes all sections in the application and doesn't omit any key information about their employment history. A candidate’s cover letter or resume might have details they didn’t include in the written application.

Use these tips for evaluating an employment application form:

  • Check references: Follow up with all references in the job application. Ask about the candidate’s work ethic and skills, ability to follow directions, customer service skills, and ability to solve landscaping and lawn care issues.

  • Perform a background check: Your employees represent your business, so you want to ensure all job candidates can be trusted to work on customer properties. Several online tools allow you to perform a full background check for a minimal fee.

  • Evaluate the candidate’s skills: During the interview, ask questions to ensure the candidate truly knows how to perform specific landscaping services. For instance, ask, “How would you handle weeding for a homeowner who doesn’t want to use herbicides?” Or, “Walk me through the steps for planting a tree, including soil preparation.”  

How to advertise a landscaping job opening

A well-structured and enticing job description can influence not just the number of applicants but also the quality of candidates who want to work for your landscaping business. 

The best way to advertise a job opening involves taking an omnichannel approach, including:

  • Leverage multiple platforms: Promote the job opening on a mix of platforms, including online job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, your company website, and all of your social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. If your city provides local job fairs, consider meeting potential candidates in person.

  • Encourage employee referrals: Employees are a great way to advertise job openings and usually refer high-quality candidates they know and trust. Consider implementing a referral bonus program to motivate employees to refer their friends and family.

  • Clearly outline job responsibilities: Clearly outline the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits of the position in your job description. Use precise language that resonates with potential candidates.

  • Promote employee testimonials: Showcase the positive experiences of current employees in your advertising collateral to create a positive image of your company culture.

Along with hiring an experienced team in the field, choosing the right business management software can give your organization the fuel it needs for ongoing growth. 

Streamline your landscaping operations

While a well-crafted job application can bring in qualified employees, landscaping companies increasingly turn to Aspire’s business management software to streamline their operations, accelerate marketing tactics, enhance communication, improve the customer experience, and boost their revenue.

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