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PublishedOctober 19, 2022


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Proposals can be time-consuming in the commercial cleaning business. It can be a major element in winning new contracts and securing long-term clients. But the window for winning a cleaning contract is short. If you can churn out comprehensive proposals, your ability to win over a new customer or cleaning job becomes twice as effective.

But it can be a challenge, especially in an always competitive and constantly growing market such as the janitorial industry. If your cleaning crew isn’t organized or your processes/services aren’t managed properly, getting a proposal out in time can be a struggle. That’s why we designed a template for the process.

Aspire has seen the advantages of high-growth commercial cleaning crews streamlining their operations and speeding up customer relations. We used this experience to generate a templatized process for customer proposals.

What should your proposal cover?

Deciding what details to include in a proposal can be tricky. Customer needs can vary, and any given job can have a wide range of details to review. This is usually where janitorial managers get stuck thinking it’s impossible to templatize the proposal-making process. But a proper template can account for changing factors. 

There are only three major elements your template needs to include to prepare for these variables properly.

  • About us

  • Services provided 

  • FAQs

Let’s dive further into each of these areas.

About us

It may seem redundant, but reintroducing your company at the beginning of a proposal is key. This is your opportunity to reaffirm with the potential customer why they should trust your business. It should present your company values, how long other customers have been trusting you with their business, and even provide client testimonials as social proof. This is how you build trust and establish a relationship. Without this element, you miss out on an opportunity to increase client retention, customer lifetime value, and a foundation for excellent communication.

Services provided

Services provided is the most vital element of any proposal template. This is where you must be transparent and clear. This section should account for any of those varying details mentioned earlier. If a cleaning job includes special services such as exterior cleaning, equipment cleaning, etc., your proposal needs to be clear about that service and its applied charges. 

Your customer should be left with zero questions about what your cleaning team will do for their property, how much it will cost them, and why. There should also be no surprises in this section. It should list the already agreed upon cleaning services, only providing additional details on those specific jobs your company was hired to complete.


While your customer should be left with no further questions about the services your team is providing, they still may be left wondering about the overall process. FAQs can often be overlooked because they don’t always feel necessary but they provide a significant boost in clarity and customer satisfaction. Your FAQs should provide additional information on the process, any agreements you made with your customer, and set expectations for the upcoming job.

Access your template today

Our template provides everything you need to provide in a proposal. It facilitates a foundation for a scalable process that your team can use to build upon as they continue improving your customer service capabilities.

If nothing else, our template can help you design your own repeatable proposal process.Fill out the form here and get your very own template in seconds.


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