Free Janitorial Estimate Template (+PDF Download)

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PublishedMay 10, 2023

Free Janitorial Estimate Template

Accurate estimating results in reliable profits and ongoing growth for your janitorial services company. The problem? Commercial cleaning estimates can be complex and time-consuming, relying on guesswork instead of actual data.

Janitorial businesses use estimates and contract templates to provide clients with information about what a proposed commercial cleaning job will cost, how long services will take, and expected payment schedules. 

Why should commercial cleaning businesses use janitorial estimate templates?

Creating a janitorial estimate template is an important component of running a janitorial business. For consistent and profitable estimates, janitorial companies need to:

  • Know actual costs

  • Effectively manage labor

  • Capture real-time operational insights

The more data janitorial companies have about running their business, the better they’re able to ensure profitability on future bids.

This article covers everything you need to know about how to build a janitorial service estimate and shares a free cleaning estimate template you can download and customize. We’ll also show how janitorial business software simplifies and streamlines your estimating process, so you can close more sales and grow profits.

What is a janitorial estimate template?

A janitorial estimate template is used by cleaning businesses to give potential clients pricing information about proposed cleaning services. A cleaning estimate template simplifies the estimation process and helps estimators include the necessary information for a job. The template should include:

  • The scope of the project

  • Estimated cost of labor and materials

  • Additional services 

It should also include a breakdown of the estimated costs for each service, as well as any additional fees or subcontractor costs. Finally, the template should include a timeline for completion of the project and payment terms.

Importance of accurate janitorial estimates

Accurate janitorial estimates are the foundation of profitability for business owners. Cleaning companies need to build consistent commercial cleaning service estimates at the proper profit margins to achieve growth.

The variables of a janitorial job can make pricing challenging

The price of janitorial jobs varies based on the:

  • Building’s square feet

  • Crew size

  • Job complexity

When you add factors such as client special requests and current market expectations, pricing jobs becomes even more challenging.

Aspire’s solution to janitorial estimation challenges

Aspire software’s cleaning services estimate template helps simplify estimate creation with a customizable estimate form. 

When janitorial businesses use proposal templates with Aspire’s estimating software, they eliminate challenges resulting from disconnected systems and quickly create consistent estimates at the right profit margin.

How do you write an estimate for janitorial services?

Understanding these key components helps with calculating a cost estimate for a cleaning contract.

Consider property type and size

Visit the site in person to see the type and size of the property or building. 

→ Is the estimate for light office cleaning with occasional carpet cleaning or does it involve deep-cleaning a medical facility?

The building’s square footage, number of floors, and type of facility make a difference in how long it will take your crew to clean.

Determine required materials

A cleaning job estimate needs to take into account the cost of equipment and materials, such as the price of cleaning supplies and disinfectants.

Depending on the needs of the client, you may also need to provide consumables, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap.

Assess crew size and special requests

Your crew size and employee hourly rate factor into a cleaning proposal because the larger the building, the more employees you need to complete the job. 

Cleaning jobs may also require a larger crew due to client special requests or specialized cleaning services.

The team members on the crew can also have a significant impact on the number of labor hours, as your more experienced employees will complete tasks in less time than newer and less-experienced teams. 

Consider market demand when pricing services

Before you quote a cleaning price, you should know what other janitorial companies in your area charge for those services.

→ It’s crucial to keep your cleaning quote competitive to generate more business.

Don’t simply undercut your competitors, but analyze your job costs to ensure you’re maintaining profit margins. Fair prices take into consideration your customers and the long-term success and growth of your company. 

Streamline your estimating process with Aspire’s downloadable template

Use Aspire’s downloadable cleaning estimate template to build a professional estimate.

Including a cover letter with your estimate makes it easy for prospects to find your contact information if they have any questions, and gives you an opportunity to highlight the unique experience and differentiators of your company that may not come across in the estimate.

An interim solution for your estimation needs

While a cleaning business estimate form helps create estimates faster, a document in PDF format functions only as a temporary solution.

Without all-in-one software, janitorial businesses must combine estimating information from different programs, such as Excel, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

Aspire’s end-to-end platform standardizes the estimating process and establishes workflows to improve janitorial business efficiency, no matter how big a janitorial company grows.

The advantages of using Aspire's template

Aspire’s downloadable cleaning quote template simplifies the process of creating estimates. You can trust the accuracy of Aspire’s template, which contains all the important fields for a complete janitorial services cost estimate.

Download your template now

>>Ready to create better estimates? Download our free cleaning estimate template now to get started.

How Aspire’s estimating functionality improves your business

When large and small businesses use software to improve the estimating process, they save time bidding jobs and create estimates that safeguard profit margins. 

Aspire’s estimating functionality helps janitorial businesses:

Standardize the estimating process

With Aspire, bidding templates and kits based on your actual production factors ensure quick and consistent estimating, no matter who creates the estimate. 

The software makes it easy for your team to bid on large and complex jobs by simply altering estimate details with amounts such as the square footage of a property.

Build brand loyalty with trustworthy estimates

Aspire helps janitorial companies easily build consistent, professional estimates that include profit margins calculated from historical job cost data. 

The software automatically factors custom, management-approved margins into your estimates, keeping your estimates consistent across properties, customers, and even branches or regions.

Streamline estimate approval with a client portal

Your clients can easily view and approve estimates with a digital signature through email or within a customized customer portal. 

Not only does this provide more convenience for your clients, but it keeps your jobs moving forward through your sales pipeline.

Aspire is an all-in-one business management platform

Aspire’s work ticket management system streamlines your janitorial business workflow from estimating to invoicing, providing critical efficiency as you work to expand your janitorial business.

Gain end-to-end functionality from a single software solution

Aspire’s integrated platform centralizes business information and empowers your team to work more efficiently by bringing together every aspect of your business, connecting your:

  • CRM

  • Estimating

  • Scheduling

  • Job management

  • Reporting

  • Invoicing

  • Payroll

Drive growth and improve margins with informed decisions

Aspire gives you crucial insight into company performance so you can make proactive, informed decisions and stop client turnover. 

Real-time job costing data shows whether past estimates line up with actual costs, and ensures future estimates remain profitable.

Get started with Aspire

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how Aspire can improve your janitorial services estimating below.

How can I create more accurate estimates with Aspire?

Aspire’s janitorial business software automates your estimating process to ensure your commercial services bid includes the proper profit margins and production rates, and reduces chances for manual calculation errors.

You can set margins for labor, materials, and other direct costs, which automatically factor into your estimates. 

→ Keep your estimates accurate and profitable, no matter who creates the bid.

Aspire’s centralized platform keeps all your data in one place and provides key insights into performance. Evaluating real-time data improves your estimating accuracy and gives you the opportunity to compare past estimates with the actual job costs. 

When you need to make adjustments, you can easily change prices in your catalog to ensure future estimates remain consistent and profitable.

How can I scale my sales team with a single, standardized solution?

Aspire helps you effectively scale your sales team by giving them the tools to quickly create spot-on estimates. Aspire’s integrated platform empowers your team to work faster and more accurately by eliminating the hassle of switching back and forth between disconnected software systems and programs.

With Aspire, your sales team can customize an unlimited number of bidding templates and kits, allowing them to build estimates in less time. You can create templates to combine commonly used services, pricing, and language for estimating specific types of janitorial work. Kits combine your production factors with labor and material costs into a single item, so creating estimates—even for complex jobs–is fast and accurate.

Creating a standardized process for estimating delivers quantitative benefits:

  • Improves the efficiency of your sales team

  • Increases revenue

  • Enables you to effectively scale your janitorial business

Can I create estimates for recurring contracts and work orders?

Absolutely. You can easily create estimates for recurring janitorial contracts and work orders. Aspire’s integrated platform keeps job information accessible throughout the entire system, so your team can access all the necessary information to create estimates for recurring services without re-entering data.

When you create an estimate for recurring contracts and work orders, you can choose among several different billing types, providing greater flexibility in accommodating change orders and invoice adjustments.

For recurring janitorial maintenance services contracts, you can choose among:

  • Fixed payment

  • Payment per service

  • T&M (time and materials) 

Aspire’s CRM functionality also allows you to easily view customer data to see upcoming expiring janitorial contracts, enabling you to create estimates and payment terms to retain your clients. Unlike other leading software platforms, Aspire also allows evergreen contracts to help commercial cleaning companies build their customer base.

When you leverage software to improve every aspect of your janitorial services estimating, you win more opportunities, build your customer base, and grow your business.


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