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PublishedMay 11, 2023


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Streamline your janitorial business operations with a free contract template that outlines the terms and conditions of your services.

Free Janitorial Contract Template

Janitorial contracts play an important part in the growth of your janitorial business by increasing revenue and expanding your customer base.

Contract agreements specify details of a job:

  • Scope of work

  • Frequency of cleaning services

  • Payment terms

Janitorial companies also use cleaning service agreements to provide legal recourse in the event either side fails to meet contract terms.

A janitorial contract template helps you quickly create and customize new service agreements, and when combined with janitorial business software, enables you to:

  • Optimize workflow with a unified management platform

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and redundant tasks

  • Increase profit by showing real-time job costs to empower responsive management decisions

Ready to learn more? This article covers everything you need to know about janitorial contracts and includes a downloadable cleaning contract template you can customize and use.

What is a janitorial contract template?

A janitorial contract template is a legally binding document between a cleaning service provider and a client for specified cleaning services. 

A cleaning service contract template enables cleaning companies to customize job details, such as:

  • The scope of work 

  • The frequency of service

  • Payment deadlines and accepted methods

  • Length of the contract

  • Termination conditions

A written contract ensures the janitorial company provides the necessary cleaning services and that the client pays at the proper time. Using a contract benefits both parties because it:

  • Defines expectations for both parties 

  • Establishes the legal obligations of the business relationship

  • Addresses ways to resolve potential issues

Growth depends on a robust customer base, and a thorough contract eliminates future misunderstandings and provides a foundation for building lasting relationships with clients.

Why is it important to use contracts for janitorial services?

Commercial cleaning contracts not only keep you organized and legally protect your company, but they also provide predictable cash flow, help you maintain customer relationships, and help you expand your janitorial business.

How contracts give you predictable cash flow

Establish contracts for your most profitable services

Contracts generate steady revenue with ongoing maintenance contracts and enable your large or small business to maximize opportunities with your most profitable services. 

Creating contracts for these services gives janitorial businesses reliable profit margins and predictable cash flow, which empowers reinvestment in the company to drive new growth.

How contracts reduce labor costs and build brand loyalty

Service the same properties every week

Cleaning contracts set a schedule to service the same property on a daily or weekly basis. This enables companies to:

  • Reduce employee or janitorial subcontracting labor costs

  • Accurately calculate fuel costs

  • Improve crew efficiency as they gain experience with the property

When your team shows up and provides exceptional quality service week after week, you build brand loyalty and a reliable customer base.

How to write a janitorial contract

While janitorial service contracts vary depending on the needs of the client, effective contracts should include:

  •  Business name

  • Client contact information

  • Project details

  • Legal information

Here’s a look at the key parts to include in a commercial cleaning contract:

Define janitorial contract scope

A janitorial contract needs to state exactly what cleaning services your company will—and will not—provide, specifying interior versus exterior spaces. The cleaning contract needs to clearly state whether it covers a one-time cleaning job or an ongoing maintenance schedule.

Review local laws for compliance

Check to make sure your company complies with all labor standards, minimum wage, and workers’ compensation laws.

Research state and local laws for requirements relating to janitorial service companies or disinfection standards.

Agree on prices and payment terms

Pricing and payment is a key component of a janitorial contract. The contract needs to include the service rate, which you’ve calculated based on the square footage and complexity of the service. Make sure you list:

  • The contract’s effective date

  • When the payment is due

  • Fees for late payment

A thorough contract eliminates confusion with clients and provides your company with legal protection in case things go wrong.

List cleaning services to avoid confusion 

Clearly state the level of service your janitorial company will provide so you and your client remain on the same page. 

This ensures your employees provide all the necessary services, such as mopping, vacuuming, and carpet cleaning, and avoids extra work not covered in the contract.

Include safety protocols

Follow safety protocols to keep your janitors and cleaning environments safe. Outline cleaning product storage locations and protocols, and describe how your company follows PPE and other safety procedures, particularly if you offer COVID-19 disinfection and other specialized services. 

Define limitations and issue resolution methods 

Cleaning service contracts should include any limitations or restrictions (such as restrictions on cleaning hours or the presence of people in the building), as well as any: 

  • Warranties

  • Disclaimers

  • Waivers

List the dispute resolution process in the event your company or client needs to resolve any issues, including refunds, additional fees for damages, or how to resolve client non-payment. 

An indemnification clause can protect your company from damages in the event of a dispute. To fully protect your company, consider consulting a law firm to review your entire agreement.

Specify termination clauses

As a legal document, a service agreement template should include:

  1. When the agreement ends and

  2. If it automatically renews

A termination clause states under what conditions the company or client may terminate the contract, the cancellation notice period, and any termination fees for early cancellation of the agreement.

A termination clause states under what conditions the company or client may terminate the contract, the cancellation notice period, and any termination fees for early cancellation of the agreement.

Establish a communication method

A good customer relationship relies on consistent communication. Find out which communication method your client prefers–such as email or SMS text–and use it for renewal notifications or updates from your company.

Both parties sign the contract to hold them accountable

A representative from your company and the client must sign the contract to complete the legal agreement. 

Keep janitorial contracts well organized so you can easily locate them when you need to check contract details or renew the contract.

Streamline your contract process with Aspire's downloadable template

A janitorial contract template helps streamline the contract process, so account managers don’t need to reinvent the process for every new client. 

Janitorial companies that combine their templates with a business management system optimize their workflows and improve efficiency.

An interim solution for your contract needs

While Aspire’s downloadable template helps you create janitorial contracts more quickly, a printable cleaning contract template functions only as a temporary solution. 

→ Time-consuming and inefficient manual processes using paper forms can only take you so far.

When commercial cleaning service companies use templates with Aspire’s all-in-one software platform, they standardize the contract process and create efficient workflows that remain effective as their business grows. 

Aspire streamlines the entire job management process from contract creation to invoicing, improving your janitorial business efficiency and profitability.

The advantages of using Aspire's janitorial contract template

Our downloadable contract sample makes it easy for you to customize client document creation so you can create contracts faster and record important details, such as legal clauses.

Download your template now

Ready to streamline your contract process? Download Aspire’s janitorial contract template to get started.

Benefits of using Aspire for janitorial contracts

Janitorial companies can easily and effectively manage their contracts with Aspire software’s integrated features.

Estimating functionality

Win more jobs by creating estimates quickly and consistently. Aspire’s proposal templates and kits allow commercial cleaning companies to create estimates based on their actual production factors, ensuring accurate and profitable estimates every time.

Bulk contract renewal with list filtering

With Aspire’s CRM Software, you can easily view customer data to see upcoming expiring contracts. The lists feature enables users to send bulk renewal notices, streamlining your contract management.

No expiration date on maintenance contracts

Unlike many business management software solutions on the market today, Aspire does not automatically include an annual expiration date on maintenance contracts. 

This default functionality helps janitorial companies maintain long-standing relationships with their clients. Users can individualize contracts based on the needs of each client to nurture and continue the client relationship.

E-sign contracts through the customer portal or on the mobile platform

With Aspire, your clients can view, approve, and sign contracts electronically through their customer portal or on a mobile device. Online e-signature features increase convenience for your clients, enhancing the customer experience.

See upcoming expiring contracts in the CRM

Improve your client management processes with Aspire’s CRM functionality, which uses filters and tags to view contracts that are:

  • Propose

  • Approved

  • Expiring

  • Expired

Sorting by status keeps account managers and operations proactive with opportunities and renewals to make the most of every lead and existing customer.

Contracts become work tickets in the schedule

Streamline workflow with a seamless work ticket system. Approved contracts in Aspire automatically populate in the scheduling module’s drop-down menu, eliminating tedious manual data entry.

Invoice assistant enables multiple billing types for the same property

Using Aspire, independent cleaning business contractors can choose between several billing types for construction and maintenance contracts. This provides greater flexibility in accommodating change orders and invoice adjustments.

Construction project billing types:

  • Fixed price on completion: An invoice appears when the final work ticket is completed.

  • Fixed price on payment schedule: Generate invoices based on an agreed schedule, usually based on a percentage of completion.

  • Fixed price open billing: Allows you to invoice at any time, providing maximum flexibility for accommodating change orders and invoice adjustments.

  • Time and materials on completion: An invoice appears once the final work ticket and time and materials are approved.

Maintenance contract billing types:

  • Fixed payment: Invoices are generated based on a day of the month that was determined when the estimate was built.

  • Per service: Invoices are generated based on the service price when the work ticket is completed.

  • Time and materials: Invoices are generated when the work ticket is completed and time and materials are entered.

Try Aspire for efficient janitorial contract management

An end-to-end software solution helps you better manage your cleaning contracts, improve your efficiency, and increase profit. Ready to learn more? Request a demo today.


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