What does property intelligence mean for landscapers?


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Landscape contractors constantly try to overcome inefficient processes and poor profit margins that drastically impact the success of their business. They must collect company and customer data to increase business profitability and performance.

Property intelligence is the data you collect about your customers and their properties and proprietary company data such as crew production rates, equipment production rates, estimates versus actuals, and more. 

Property intelligence tools help contractors increase accuracy, boost efficiency, and gain real-time performance insights.

How landscape contractors leverage property intelligence data

Property intelligence data helps landscape contractors:

  • Measure and estimate maintenance, design-build, and enhancement jobs

  • Price jobs accurately

  • Manage work materials and equipment

  • Efficiently schedule and route crews

  • Discover new opportunities for upselling customers

Property intelligence data is the foundation necessary to run all operations of a successful landscape business.

Implementing a property intelligence tool

A property intelligence tool like PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, is quick and easy to implement and helps landscapers create connected systems at their company. These systems replace manual, repetitive processes while helping contractors bid, win, and service more profitable work in less time.

How PropertyIntel helps landscape contractors grow their business

As the basis for all operations in a landscape business, the data collected about properties help create a positive ripple effect of precision and intelligence across your organization.

PropertyIntel enables landscapers to:

  • Use accurate point-and-click measuring tools to collect property dimensions

  • Associate material costs with measurements to automatically generate estimates as you measure

  • Send property data directly to Aspire’s end-to-end business management platform with a single click

  • Improve alignment among stakeholders by generating virtual, visual sitemaps to send to clients and crews

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