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Staying competitive in the commercial cleaning industry takes more than just getting more customers. It requires constant evolution to meet changing demands, informed by a nuanced understanding of where the industry is headed. 

Your profitability depends on understanding market trends and quickly responding to KPIs in your operational data.

Aspire partnered with Thrive Analytics to produce this market research report for 2024. It provides data-driven insights into the trends impacting the success of professional cleaning services businesses and predictions about market growth for the upcoming year.

Key highlights from the report

Approximately half of the surveyed contractors are optimistic or pessimistic about 2024, the remaining respondents feel neutral

There are mixed expectations from the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry heading into 2024. One in five contractors are optimistic, but even more have pessimistic expectations. 

→ Most business owners remain uncertain about the future. 

These mixed outlooks for the forecast period reflect the impact of macroeconomic conditions, with some industry segments continuing to grow (such as healthcare and biotech) while others slow.

Commercial and industrial cleaning businesses can take control of their future within the uncertainty by closely examining the following:

  • Geographic markets

  • Profitable niches

  • Potential challenges

  • Key focus areas 

Granular data can reveal profit opportunities for those willing to adapt. 

92% of contractors use business management software to enable growth

The widespread adoption of commercial cleaning business software demonstrates that the industry overwhelmingly feels it’s necessary to run their operations. The most successful cleaning businesses do more with their software than just scheduling and invoicing. 

They leverage centralized processes to generate and access real-time data that informs responsive management decisions to safeguard profitability and confidently meet challenges. 

Without software like Aspire, growth is nearly impossible. Relying on manual processes limits visibility and productivity, increasing costs. Automation eliminates time-consuming tasks and provides business owners with reliable data to stay adaptable in changing market conditions.

Customer retention is the #1 revenue growth strategy

Repeat business is the most significant source (37%) of revenue for commercial cleaning contractors, and just over half of jobs come from recurring janitorial services.  

Securing repeat business requires cleaning businesses to have and understand data that empowers them to increase customer retention.

→ High churn damages revenue. 

Software makes it easy to track customer satisfaction, respond quickly to issues, and improve service in the field for stellar customer experiences. Using cloud-based customer management software provides full sales pipeline visibility, so business owners can use proactive outreach for contract renewals and upsell opportunities such as disinfection services.

Robotics and building information modeling are rising cleaning industry trends

Just as artificial intelligence is making waves in global industries, robotics and building information modeling (BIM) are revolutionizing the cleaning services industry. These technologies are new, but early adopters will have a competitive market advantage. 

→ Digital transformation to become more efficient in business processes is essential to 70% of commercial cleaning companies.

The benefits of using cutting-edge technologies include:

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced labor costs 

  • A more streamlined workforce

It’s critical to accurately evaluate the ROI of any new technologies to ensure that organization-wide adoption makes fiscal sense. Advanced business management software can provide the data insights companies need for savvy tech implementation. 

Why download the report

Understand the state of the commercial cleaning industry

Plan for the upcoming year with clear visual insights into how macroeconomic conditions and market dynamics will influence the industry in 2024.

Get ahead with key findings

Get precise data about the goals, challenges, and opportunities for cleaning businesses, as identified by your colleagues in the industry.

Prepare for the future with industry trend insights

Develop a clear understanding of emerging technologies in the industry and how they will impact your revenue potential in the future. 

Benchmark your business

Measure your business performance against industry averages and get insight into competitor performance to tailor your strategies to stay competitive in 2024.

How to use this report

Plan and Strategize

The report’s industry condition and trend insights can inform commercial cleaner business strategies and goals for 2024. 

Identify potential upcoming or ongoing risks (such as supply chain issues) and opportunities in your local market so you can pivot if necessary—into niches such as using green cleaning products or offering specialty services like carpet cleaning.

Based on the information in the report, business owners can set measurable objectives regarding profitability, customer base growth, and service expansion in the commercial cleaning services market. 

Optimize Operations

The report’s findings regarding implementing new technologies and adopting business software can help commercial cleaning service providers find ways to improve operational visibility, streamline processes, and take control of costs. 

Depending on your business and market size, the report can help you adopt emerging technologies such as robotics and BIM to optimize operations.

Marketing and Growth

As you develop your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond, the report can help inform your budget when investing in new customer acquisition versus retention. 

Pair the report with Aspire’s business management software to target customer satisfaction improvement and grow loyalty within your existing client base, driving robust, consistent revenue in the future.

Financial Forecasting

The 2024 Commercial Cleaning Insight Report provides holistic fiscal data for making decisions about: 

  • Costs

  • Wages

  • Revenue

  • Invoicing

Using industry benchmarks to adjust your company’s financials enables you to set rates aligned with the value of your services and consider aspects such as rising wages and increasing costs from cleaning products.

Ensuring you’re commensurate with the industry in wages will help you attract and retain top talent, while updating billing practices will optimize cash flow.

Aspire’s real-time data improves operations 

The Insight Report helps companies in commercial cleaning services to develop strategies to stay profitable and grow their market share in the upcoming year, while Aspire's management software gives you real-time visibility to expand operations.

Aspire provides centralized, cloud-based management tools, including:

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Estimate templates 

  • CRM with email and calendar integrations

  • Accurate job costing

  • Improved labor management

  • Streamlined cleaning supply ordering

  • Bulk action invoicing

The right software platform is essential to optimizing operations, increasing productivity, and driving new revenue potential. 

Get the insights you need to stay ahead

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