What's new in PropertyIntel: February and March releases

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PublishedApril 14, 2023

What's new in PropertyIntel: February and March releases


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Since its general market release on February 1, PropertyIntel has made great strides toward becoming the most powerful property data solution available to landscape contractors.

PropertyIntel has combined separate landscaping solutions into a single platform, giving contractors the ability to:

  • Utilize precision measuring and estimating tools for maintenance, design-build, and enhancement opportunities,

  • Automatically integrate measurement and estimate data with Aspire property takeoffs and opportunities,

  • and manage customer relationships.

We’re dedicated to identifying and defining new features that increase the value of your property and customer data, so you can improve your processes and profitability today and years down the road.

Here’s what we added in February and March:

  • PropertyIntel Complete improvements allow a faster turnaround time, more accurate done-for-you measurements, better visibility into the status of your requests, and the ability to convert a done-for-you measurement request into a project you measure yourself.

  • Invite unlimited new users to your account without support team assistance.

  • Catalog archive helps you organize your data and optimize search.

  • Increased map acreage allows users to measure larger properties.

  • Estimating Kits accept rates with decimal values and deliver improved calculations.

  • View and edit Kits for specific projects to account for specific project needs.

  • Plan view image exports let you export your takeoff as an image with details such as project title, description, and legend.

  • Add company branding to your plan view by uploading a company logo in Account Settings.

  • Data loss prevention helps safeguard your work when your internet connection is weak or lost.

  • Branch support allows our multi-branch customers to easily toggle between accounts.

  • Let’s dive into the details of each of these new features:

PropertyIntel Complete improvements

Your account managers should be focused on closing deals, not on measuring properties. With PropertyIntel Complete, our done-for-you measurement service, you can offload manual measuring to our professional cartography team. 

We continually improve the PropertyIntel Complete order and fulfillment process to streamline and deliver these projects to you even faster.  Now you can view the status of your projects and easily track the progress of your orders. 

Two new updates to the PropertyIntel Complete order flow help you gain greater control over your measurement requests. You can now instantly convert any order or draft into a project for self-measuring. We have also added a search bar for quickly locating an order within the PropertyIntel Complete list.

Invite unlimited new users

Inviting users to your account no longer requires a support ticket. You can now invite users in the Administration area of the application by clicking Administration, then Manage Users. Don’t forget, you get unlimited users with your PropertyIntel subscription.

Catalog archive

You can now archive Catalog Items that you no longer need. This helps keep your data clean and optimizes searching within projects as you add materials to your markup list.

Increased map acreage

Previously, we capped our map capture area at 200 acres. At the request of our users, we increased the allowable capture area for map projects to 1000 acres. This 5x increase should accommodate those large HOAs and other large commercial properties. 

Estimating Kits

We have released many improvements to our Estimating Kits functionality after the initial launch. You can now input rates with decimal values. We’ve improved the accuracy of calculations, addressed performance bugs, and are actively working on the feature that instantly estimates hours and costs as you design and measure.

View and edit Kits for specific projects

Previously, Estimating Kits could only be edited at the account level. To better align with the complexity of the landscape industry and the uniqueness of each job, Estimating Kits can now be edited on a per-project basis. Improvements include allowing you to edit attached kits, detach kits, view and edit rates, and add new items to kits from within the project. This makes customizing your estimate even easier. 

Plan view image exports

We've added a new export tool for your takeoffs and designs that simplifies creating quick presentations for customers and crews. Grab a snapshot of any portion of a plan and easily add a legend, title, and description to the image. The Plan View can then be exported as an image file for sharing or using in a proposal. 

Add company branding

In the Administration area, you can now upload a company logo for branding your work. This logo is used currently for plan view exports.

Data loss prevention

We added a new safeguard to prevent multiple users from editing the same project section at the same time–which would result in lost work. This new feature will notify you if you enter a project that another user is currently editing. It also helps to prevent lost work when multiple tabs of the same project are open and automatically releases locks on inactive tabs.

In the Markup View, you’ll also notice additional safeguards to help prevent data loss. A warning message will appear when a save fails for a project because of a connection issue. The warning will be visible at the bottom of the screen. You can still work while offline; however, your changes won't be saved until the connection issue is resolved. Another prevention measure is the release of project locks for inactive browser tabs. This helps to ensure you are working in the right tab and with the latest updates.

Also in data loss prevention updates, we’re making strides in launching collaborative editing in PropertyIntel, and we’ll notify you as soon it becomes available.

Multi-branch support

Users can now be in multiple company accounts and toggle between the accounts while logged into PropertyIntel. Managers and admins can easily switch between branch accounts, and we can support enterprise customers more effectively. Create a support ticket today if you would like to enable this for your company.

What’s coming next in PropertyIntel?

We’re excited to continue developing PropertyIntel with new releases every two weeks. Coming in the next three months, we’ll be adding new features like project templates, additional Aspire integrations, and a proposal builder. We’re leveraging AI for faster, better takeoffs in our upcoming Pro Maps feature, which will integrate with our imagery provider to provide elevation measuring and AI recognition of certain property features.

Stay tuned for more!

Want to learn how these features can level up your property data and measurement? Learn more about PropertyIntel on our website and sign up for a free 14-day trial!

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