PropertyIntel's new Visual Proposals help you sell more work faster

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PublishedNovember 21, 2023

PropertyIntel's new Visual Proposals help you sell more work faster


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PropertyIntel’s biggest release since launch is here! The new Visual Proposals feature, available in the Advanced and Enterprise tiers, adds a critical step to your job bidding process—right within PropertyIntel.

Close more jobs with ease

Visual Proposals include each component needed to sell your services:

  • Cover letter: Include pertinent information about your company, expertise, and excitement for taking on the proposed work. Write it once then save it to your account for future use and additional time savings.

  • Proposal contents: Automatically pull in the property data from the project you are proposing. Break down your content by Section, insert a description, add visuals from your PropertyIntel sitemap or upload other relevant images from your device, and include your material quantity and pricing breakdown (or edit to hide any information you may not wish to share). 

  • Terms and conditions: Add your legalities to the proposal to protect your business and your customers. Like the cover letter, terms and conditions can be saved to your account for future use so you can easily add them to your next proposal.

  • Summary: Wrap up your proposal with a pre-designed signature block to close the work. Completed proposals can then be downloaded or printed for signing.

Save time with connected processes

Connected to the data collected in your projects, Visual Proposals automatically pull in your measurement, estimate, and pricing information to help you propose new jobs—without requiring you to manually enter data or leave the app.

Multiple proposals can be created for each project, giving you the flexibility to propose different scopes of work, keep a historical record of previous job opportunities, and compare how your proposed work for the property has changed over time.

In future releases, we will add the ability to share the proposals via URL or email for e-signing right within PropertyIntel, along with other enhancements to improve the feature. We are excited for Visual Proposals to continue improving our vision for PropertyIntel—to help you collect, connect, and visualize critical property and customer data so you can bid and win more work.


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