4 ways to save with Aspire Integrated Telematics, powered by Azuga

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PublishedMay 22, 2024

4 ways to save with Aspire Integrated Telematics, powered by Azuga


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In today’s economy with material prices and fuel costs climbing to new heights, businesses everywhere are feeling the pinch. For contractors in service-based industries where margins are already slim, implementing new strategies and technologies to cut unnecessary expenses is becoming more critical than ever.

At Aspire, we’re always working to develop new ways to help you protect and enhance your profitability. And our latest integration, pairing robust GPS and dash cam features with the power of fleet telematics, is intended to help you do just that: save money by reducing risk.

Aspire Integrated Telematics, powered by Azuga, is designed to help you quickly identify and address poor driving habits, empower and reward your drivers, increase accountability and client satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Here's how it works:

Leverage data to improve safety and reduce risk

With the Azuga integration, you can set up and receive notifications in Aspire for potentially risky driving behaviors like hard braking, sudden acceleration, or speeding. Alerts for detected incidents sync directly to the schedule board, where you can easily access and view the notification and related dash cam footage as well as a breadcrumb trail, which visualizes each driver's route using GPS data points.

You can also run reports to zero in on specific areas of concern. These insights can help you proactively identify and address problematic driving habits to significantly increase safety and reduce potential risk for your organization.

Better driving behaviors result in fewer traffic violations and other incidents, including accidents, for which you could be held liable. And the savings don’t end there—sharing data that demonstrates improved driver and/or fleet safety with your insurance provider can potentially earn discounted premiums for your company.

Beyond the potential liability they create, poor driving habits can also prove to be costly in the negative impact they can have on your company’s brand and reputation. The last thing any business owner wants is for one of their vehicles, proudly displaying their name and logo, to be seen driving recklessly or aggressively—or worse, involved in an at-fault accident.

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Empower and reward safe drivers

One of the best ways to enact positive change in any organization is through recognition. When recognition programs are designed to both empower and reward employees, the benefits are multiplied.

Driver reward programs can help create a culture of safety in any company. Recent studies have shown that well-planned and implemented driver incentive programs pay off, resulting in improved performance and substantial cost savings for the employer. Even better, you’ll lose less time and revenue to unsafe driving

With Azuga’s driver rewards program, you can easily recognize and reward your safest drivers. The program utilizes safety data gathered from telematics to create a safety score for each driver. Drivers who achieve the highest safety scores are eligible to earn rewards, such as gift cards to their favorite restaurants.

Comparative rankings and social sharing options add a gamification aspect to the program to promote friendly competition that reinforces safe driving habits while motivating those who need encouragement. And the rewards employees earn are easily redeemable within the Azuga app, making the program a win-win for everyone.

Keep crews accountable and customers happy

Wasteful habits and lost assets drive costs up for companies—and customers. Tracking your vehicles in real time also helps you monitor behaviors that could be negatively impacting your business and your clients. Reckless driving, idling engines, and unnecessary stops not only increase wear-and-tear on your vehicles but also cut into productivity, reducing the time your teams spend each day servicing customers.

With the Azuga integration, you can monitor vehicle and asset locations, number and frequency of stops, idle time, and more. These insights can help you increase operational efficiency and keep costs in check while also improving customer service and increasing client satisfaction. Tracking also improves the likelihood of recovery in the event one of your vehicles or assets are stolen.

Custom geofences you create help reinforce accountability to keep your crews—and your scheduled jobs—on track, in addition to providing you with greater insight into project scopes and estimated vs. actual labor hours. With a better understanding of the actual time spent on each job site, you can make adjustments to bid future work more accurately.

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Simplify maintenance tracking and reduce downtime

If you’re not working, you’re not making money. As a contractor, avoiding the cost of downtime delays is crucial to the health of your business as well as your reputation. Aspire’s integration with Azuga features vehicle diagnostic monitoring and preventative maintenance scheduling to help you stay ahead of the curve and prevent downtime before it occurs.

Analytics on vehicle diagnostics, fuel efficiency and consumption, hours of use, and more can help you ensure your vehicles and equipment are properly maintained. You can also schedule maintenance and vehicle alerts in Aspire to ensure service is performed at regular intervals or according to manufacturer recommendations.

By taking a proactive approach, you can avoid costly, unforeseen repairs and reduce unproductive downtime or delays related to unexpected service needs or asset failure.

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