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Hiring for a cleaning business comes with challenges: finding qualified candidates, dealing with high employee turnover, and navigating the complex hiring process specific to the cleaning industry.

A strong staffing team is essential for business operations, as well as higher client satisfaction and reduced turnover.

That’s why cleaning business owners must implement effective hiring practices to build and maintain a successful team. This guide will help you identify potential candidates, create effective job postings, streamline your hiring process, and retain your staff.

Ultimately, turning received resumes into the best cleaning teams is a guaranteed way to increase the value of your business.

Alongside great hires, cleaning companies require the best software, and this is where Aspire’s tools will transform your hiring, ensuring your cleaning business grows with a reliable, hardworking team.

Traits to look for in a janitorial or commercial cleaning employee

Hiring the right employees is crucial for the success of your cleaning business. Evaluating candidates for previous cleaning experience is important as it can determine their readiness and efficiency in performing cleaning tasks.

When hiring, look for these key traits to build a strong and reliable team.

  • Friendliness: A friendly demeanor is essential for positive client interactions. Approachable and polite employees can enhance your company culture and client satisfaction.

  • Experience: Prior cleaning experience is invaluable. It ensures employees understand the job’s demands and can perform tasks efficiently, whether house cleaning or commercial cleaning.

  • Trustworthiness: Trustworthy employees are vital for maintaining client confidence. Conduct thorough background checks to ensure your cleaning staff can be relied upon in clients’ spaces.

  • Dedication: Look for employees who are dedicated to their work. Hardworking individuals with a strong work ethic will contribute to your business’s long-term success.

  • Self-motivation: Self-motivated employees can work independently and take initiative. This trait is crucial for maintaining high standards without constant supervision.

Finding and retaining reliable cleaning employees is essential for the growth and success of your cleaning business.

How to hire janitorial employees: a step-by-step process

Hiring the right janitorial employees involves a clear, step-by-step process to hire cleaning employees. By following these steps will ensure you find and retain the best candidates.

Step 1. Prepare for Hiring New Employees

Proper preparation is key to a successful hiring process, especially when hiring cleaners. Ensure you tick off the following before you begin to hire people.

  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN): Apply through the IRS to get your business registered.

  • Register with state labor departments: Ensure your business complies with state-specific labor regulations.

  • Report new hires: Be ready to report new employee information to your state’s new hire reporting agency.

  • Implement a payroll system: Set up a system to manage accurate payroll records efficiently.

  • Secure workers’ compensation insurance: Ensure coverage for workplace injuries and illnesses.

  • Draft employment agreements: Create cleaning contracts or at-will agreements and have them reviewed by a lawyer.

  • Prepare an employee handbook: Develop a handbook outlining company policies and procedures.

  • Gather payroll information: Use personal data forms for new employees to fill out payroll details.

  • Compile an information package: Include details about disability, family leave, and other federal policies.

  • Create standard operating procedures: Develop clear procedures for every task to ensure consistency.

  • Establish a workplace safety program: Implement safety protocols to protect employees. Failure to follow safety protocols reflects poorly on your business, can result in legal issues, and is often the leading cause of a failed service business.

  • Display required federal posters: Ensure all mandatory worker rights posters are visible in the workplace.

  • Prepare for uniforms: Order employee uniforms or be ready to order once you know their sizes.

Aspire’s labor management system can streamline these tasks, ensuring you are well-prepared to hire effectively.

Step 2. Define Your Ideal Candidate

Defining your ideal candidate is crucial for attracting the right applicants. Begin by considering who would thrive in your cleaning business environment.

  • Determine the target demographic: Identify if college students, stay-at-home parents, or professionals seeking part-time work are a good fit.

  • Match lifestyle and job needs: Ensure your candidate’s lifestyle aligns with the job requirements.

  • Consider availability: For example, do you need full-time staff? Or maybe a stay-at-home parent with available hours during school time might be ideal if you need midday cleaning?

  • Assess work ethic and attitude: Look for individuals with a strong and positive work ethic.

  • Evaluate cleaning experience: Prior cleaning experience can be beneficial, especially for specialized tasks that require certain cleaning supplies not typically used. Hiring house cleaners with prior experience, like maid service, can also bring added value, as they are likely familiar with industry standards and efficient cleaning techniques.

  • Focus on reliability: Reliable candidates who consistently show up and perform their duties are essential.

By clearly defining your ideal candidate, you increase your chances of finding qualified new cleaners who are a great fit for your business needs.

Step 3. Craft a Compelling Job Description

A well-crafted job description attracts the right candidates and sets clear expectations.

  • Tailor the description: Customize the job ad to appeal to your ideal candidate, starting with a clear and descriptive job title.

  • Outline job duties and responsibilities: Be explicit about daily tasks and what is expected of potential employees.

  • Include compensation details: Clearly state the pay rate and any additional benefits in the job offer.

  • Highlight company culture: Emphasize a positive, supportive work environment.

  • Mention benefits: If applicable, list benefits like health insurance, paid time off, or bonuses.

  • Use keywords effectively: Incorporate terms like “hardworking,” “dependable,” and “cleaning experience.”

  • Keep it concise: Ensure the job description is easy to read and understand.

Following these guidelines creates a job posting that attracts suitable candidates and will remove unqualified candidates from the hiring process.

Step 4. Advertise Your Openings Effectively

Strategic advertising of your job openings is crucial to reaching the right candidates.

  • Utilize online job boards: Post on popular platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster to reach a broad audience. Use these platforms to advertise cleaning jobs effectively by writing concise and attention-grabbing job posts.

  • Leverage social media: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) to share cleaning jobs and engage with potential candidates. Social media can help you reach a diverse audience and attract job hunters.

  • Explore local classifieds: Advertise in community bulletins, Craigslist, and local newspapers to reach nearby job seekers.

  • Implement employee referral programs: Encourage current employees to refer qualified candidates from their networks.

  • Highlight the benefits: Clearly state the incentives of working for your company to attract quality candidates.

  • Use targeted ads: Invest in paid advertising to target specific demographics that match your ideal candidate profile.

By diversifying your advertising channels and leveraging your existing staff networks, you can effectively reach a wide pool of prospective candidates and ensure you don’t miss potential hires.

Step 5. Interview Candidates

Conducting thorough interviews is critical for finding the right employees.

  • Develop interview questions: Use questions tailored to your needs to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit.

  • Include practical scenarios: Present scenarios to gauge cleaning techniques, problem-solving abilities, and real-world applications related to cleaning services, such as fair hourly rates and hiring practices.

  • Evaluate communication skills: Ensure candidates can effectively communicate and follow instructions. You want to ensure customer satisfaction, and nothing contributes more to a bad review of a company than staff who are unable to perform tasks and are rude to clients.

  • Explain the process: Provide clear information about the next steps, including timelines and expectations.

You can identify the candidates best suited for your cleaning business by asking targeted questions and including practical assessments.

Step 6. Hold Paid Auditions

Paid on-the-job auditions can help assess candidates’ practical skills and are essential when hiring cleaners.

Some cleaning companies bring candidates along with current employees to handle real cleaning tasks under supervision.

During auditions, pay closer attention to attitude than technique.

A candidate might take longer to vacuum, but they should show attention to detail and a willingness to learn. At the end of the audition, provide constructive feedback so candidates know what they did well. Pay them by check or e-transfer, regardless of whether you decide to hire them.

Paying them sets the tone for dependable future employment but stresses that all auditions must be passed to become an employee.

Step 7. Hire the Successful Candidates

Once you’ve identified the right cleaning employees, it’s time to make formal offers.

Depending on how interviews and auditions go, you may find one or more candidates who fit well with your team.

Trust your instincts when you recognize a great employee. Make a written offer and obtain their signature to confirm their acceptance.

Begin by filling out the necessary paperwork for their first day. If candidates seem mediocre, resist hiring them just to fill a position. It’s better to continue searching than to risk firing and starting over.

Ensuring you hire the best candidates will save time and resources in the long run.

Step 8. Onboard and Train Your New Employees

The hiring process doesn’t end with hiring the employee; onboarding is crucial for cleaning business owners' long-term success.

Provide a structured onboarding process to introduce new hires, policies, and procedures to your company. Invest in proper training for cleaning products and safety protocols to ensure their well-being and efficiency.

Set clear expectations regarding their roles and responsibilities. Offer ongoing support and regular feedback to help them adjust and grow. A comprehensive onboarding program helps new employees feel welcome and prepared to contribute effectively.

With a solid onboarding strategy, your cleaning business is set for success. You'll get what you really need most – more commercial cleaning leads that lead to more cleaning clients.

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Find the perfect employees for your commercial cleaning business

Hiring the right employees in the cleaning industry is pivotal to building a successful cleaning business.

Each step is crucial, from defining your ideal candidate to crafting compelling job descriptions and conducting effective interviews. Onboarding and training ensure your new hires are well-prepared and integrated into your team.

Ready to streamline your hiring process? Download our ebook to learn more about growing your janitorial business, and then book a free demo with Aspire to see how our business management system can help.


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