Delivering on Promises: Meeting Customer Needs with Next-Generation Features

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Delivering on Promises: Meeting Customer Needs with Next-Generation Features

It’s no easy feat to follow hot on the heels of three-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith's keynote at IGNITE 2023. But Chief Technology Officer Dan Blake embraced the challenge, and boy, he delivered. 

Blake started the session on the future of Aspire’s product by sharing his gratitude for the customers who have made Aspire what it is today. 

“The first time I stood on a stage to reveal our product roadmap was four years ago in Scottsdale,” he said. “And only about 30 people were in a small ballroom then. Look at us now. We’ve come a long way and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”

Blake also shared the thought process behind Aspire’s latest enhancements. 

“We focus on five fundamental principles as we build new products to solve your biggest challenges:

  • Be more efficient, get by with fewer people, and use fewer materials.

  • Acquiring customers is incredibly hard and expensive, and we want to ensure we do everything possible to make your customers stay with you.

  • Find more top-line revenue for you by selling additional services and projects.

  • Increase your bottom line.

  • Provide visibility to all of your consolidated data.

Blake passes the baton to Brian Brinkworth, senior director of product management. Brinkworth delves into what a day in the life of a product manager looks like.

“We study the industry, our market, and related industries for enhancements. We meet directly with many of you like we do here at Ignite. We get input directly from your staff via our Idea and Voting portal. Our internal engineering teams consistently invest to ensure our systems scale as terabytes of data are added. These are all inputs we consider as we work on delivering the capabilities you need from Aspire.” 

Brinkworth claims this research and discovery is only possible by joining the ServiceTitan family. 

“When I came on board in 2019, seven team members were across my teams. At the time of the ServiceTItan acquisition, our team headcount had grown to 30. With ServiceTitan's investment, our teams across Product and R&D have scaled by 200%. Now, in 2023, we have nearly 100 team members!”

Brinkworth provides a lengthy list of UX enhancements but goes a step further and reveals the logic behind how these improvements are made. 

“We know it’s important for Aspire to not only deliver the capabilities you need but do it in a way that makes your job easier,” he said. “For example, our UX team studied usage patterns of the time entry screen and found that by moving totals to the top, there was a large reduction in page scrolling, which means less time spent on this heavily used part of the system.” 

 That’s just one of the many UX enhancements made in 2023. 

Here are some of the newest features coming in future releases of Aspire’s software: 

Aspire + Azuga (available now)

With material prices and fuel costs climbing in today's economy, businesses feel the pinch. Implementing new strategies and technologies to cut unnecessary expenses is becoming more critical for contractors in service-based industries with slim margins.

Aspire Integrated Telematics, powered by Azuga, is designed to help you quickly identify and address poor driving habits, empower and reward your drivers, increase accountability and client satisfaction, and avoid unnecessary downtime.

That information empowers managers to reward their safest drivers and correct those who need it. For example, optional safety cameras allow managers to observe conditions inside and around the vehicle within Azuga’s interface. This valuable context protects employees and the equipment they operate. 

Users can even trigger Route Replay from within Aspire, logging directly into Azuga to see pertinent events for a given vehicle’s path that day.

Side Panels 



Side panels will provide an entirely new way of multitasking within Aspire. After watching users constantly toggle between “work tickets” and “properties,” the software engineers found an opportunity to improve user efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate back and forth. 


“Side Panels,” a popup of sorts, will help users quickly surface more of the information they need without losing the context of what they are doing,” Brinkworth said. 

Customer Portal 2.0

Jason Pyne, Product Management Manager, showcases the upcoming additions to the customer portal. 

The Customer Portal 2.0 will look and feel much better and offer accessibility on any device customers prefer as a responsive, web-based application. Users can also have a branded hub to view the properties they need to manage and can filter to a single property and group those properties as needed.

Drilling into a property, users will have the ability to hone in on details such as:

  • Outstanding balance

  • Recent activities

  • Contact information

Users will also be able to manage “requests,” formerly known as “Issues,” as well as view and update outstanding requests and submit new requests. Detailed proposals can be sent, viewed, digitally signed, and paid electronically within the portal.


Subcontractor Portal 2.0


The vision for Subcontractor 2.0 is to re-platform key functionality and provide a far better experience for users and their subcontracted labor. The product team recently opened discovery with the Product Advisory Board on this topic and looks forward to building a tool that addresses the top pain points around working with subcontractors.

IGNITE 2024 will pick up right where we left off—more learning, networking, and growing. Register now.


The above presentation may contain forward-looking statements, including statements regarding strategies or plans for future new features, enhancements, or upgrades to our existing products that could prove incorrect, or have outcomes that differ materially from the statements made in this presentation.

It is part of our process to revise the product roadmap over time, so the features and timelines described in this presentation are subject to change at our discretion and may not be delivered as planned, or at all. We undertake no obligation to update our roadmap or any forward-looking statements contained in this presentation. Accordingly, customers who purchase ServiceTitan, Inc. products and services should make their decisions based upon the products, services, features, and functions that are currently available.


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