How contractors save time, automate tasks, and reduce processing fees with Crew Control’s electronic payments technology

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PublishedMay 17, 2024

How contractors save time, automate tasks, and reduce processing fees with Crew Control’s electronic payments technology

You’ve worked to acquire new customers, propose your service offerings, and perform excellent work — and now it’s time to collect payment for your services rendered. Are you aware of how much you may be spending in processing fees and how much time you may be losing by manually tracking accounts or creating follow-ups for unpaid invoices? Crew Control Payments allows you to get paid faster by automating manual billing tasks.

It also helps you easily create professional invoices that include electronic payments, offering a seamless experience to your customers.

With Crew Control Payments, your customers can easily pay for services via ACH or credit card payment, and you can streamline your billing process with invoice texting and emails.

Built-in payment processing provides new value to your business

Crew Control Payments are built directly into the Crew Control platform, allowing you to manage everything from proposals to scheduling and invoicing under one roof. 

Cindy Goodyear, a Crew Control user of over two years, has seen the value of managing multiple parts of the business within Crew Control. “I can give an estimate, see that it is accepted, schedule the job, invoice it, and take payment all from the same job card.” This allowed her to eliminate two other software solutions and just use Crew Control!

Users of Crew Control Payments realize benefits in the following ways:

  • Save time with one-click automated invoicing for recurring services.

  • Combine tasks with one-click batch invoicing to send all invoices for a given month.

  • Send automated invoice reminders to hold your customers accountable.

  • See warnings on outstanding invoices to easily keep track of customers with an account balance and ease follow-up collection efforts.

  • Quickly and easily allow customers to add services directly from the bids and contracts.

  • Save money with competitive processing fees that are lower than other payment processing options.

  • Create detail-rich invoices with services and dates automatically added from the job, and optionally add crew notes and photos from each service.

  • Allow customers to save a payment method on file for quick and easy future payments.

  • Allow customers to view and pay historical, outstanding invoices when paying for their current invoice.

  • Text invoices to customers to supplement email outreach efforts.

  • Ensure all work has been invoiced by managing billing alongside your jobs within Crew Control.

Start with Crew Control Payments quickly and easily

Crew Control customers can easily enroll in payment processing—the cost is already included in the monthly subscription. Crew Control Payments reduces costs and automates manual tasks that can free up your time for higher-value work, bringing new value to multiple parts of your business. 

To start collecting payments in Crew Control, simply use Crew Control invoicing! You will automatically be enrolled when you subscribe to Crew Control.

Want to get started?

Current Crew Control users can follow the instructions above to start processing electronic payments within the next few days. Contractors not using Crew Control but interested in getting started can create their trial at

If you have any questions or would like additional details, please feel free to email us at


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