Built for you: Estimate takeoffs, bulk actions, & performance updates

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PublishedJune 13, 2022

Built for you: Estimate takeoffs, bulk actions, & performance updates


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At Aspire, we’re always working to equip our clients with the tools and technology they need to streamline their business, accomplish more with the resources at hand, and ultimately achieve greater success.

That’s why we’re always working to deliver the features and functionality that’s needed most. With that goal in mind, our most recent updates are focused on optimizing processes in your business as well as enhancing performance.

Our latest updates include:

  • Estimate takeoffs

  • Bulk actions

  • Performance enhancements

Seamlessly complete estimate takeoffs with Go iLawn and LandOne

With this release, Aspire users can now quickly and accurately complete takeoffs or enhancement designs for a property in Go iLawn or LandOne and sync them directly to an estimate in Aspire.

To utilize this exciting new functionality, users must have an active subscription to their preferred solution: Go iLawn or LandOne, have the integration enabled, and be logged into their account.

Either solution is easily launched from an opportunity in bidding status within Aspire. When capturing an aerial view, the property address will sync seamlessly from Aspire to pull up the corresponding image of the specific property; likewise, all of the services and items in your catalog also sync from Aspire to make them searchable in both solutions.

If you use Go iLawn, simply search and add your takeoff items in the left sidebar just as you would with an estimate in Aspire: first, your group; then each service; and lastly, the items.

You can add as many takeoffs as are needed for the estimate. Once you’re finished, click ‘send to Aspire,’ refresh your estimate screen, and you’ll see your takeoffs from Go iLawn—it's that easy!

Streamline tax jurisdiction updates with property bulk actions

Another time-saving improvement included in this release is the addition of property bulk actions, making it easier than ever to designate the same tax jurisdiction for multiple properties simultaneously.

Now when assigning a tax jurisdiction, users will navigate to ‘Properties’ and select all the properties they would like to add to the same tax jurisdiction. From the bulk actions drop-down menu, they can then simply select ‘Change Tax Jurisdiction,’ choose the applicable tax jurisdiction from the listed options, and click ‘Save.’

Updating tax jurisdictions is just as easy. To change or reset the tax jurisdiction, select the appropriate properties, click on the 'X' icon that appears within the search field, and then click ‘Save.’

To utilize this capability, a user must be assigned ‘Accounts Receivable > Edit Billing’ permission along with a ‘System Admin’ or ‘Edit All Properties’ permission.

Learn more about our recent system performance enhancements

At Aspire, we are always striving to help our clients optimize their business processes and performance.

While many of our efforts are focused on providing new features and enhancements in support of that objective, we are equally committed to continuously improving the Aspire platform. To that end, our teams are working to enhance and improve system performance for our users on an ongoing basis.

As our teams actively analyze and optimize various areas of the Aspire platform, we are addressing the various areas of opportunity that have been identified. As a result, we’ve successfully increased system performance across a number of areas within the system, including the schedule board, opportunities, and advanced search functionality.

We are excited to share that over the past several months, the improvements we’ve implemented have resulted in a substantial reduction in error codes within the system, even as we’ve seen a nearly 35% increase in user activity across those areas.

As with the latest features and updates included in this release, we hope these gains in system performance will enable greater efficiency within your business as well.


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