Built for you: Daily plan, SMS visit reminders, and CRM enhancements

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PublishedApril 19, 2023

Built for you: Daily plan, SMS visit reminders, and CRM enhancements


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At Aspire, we're committed to providing you with new features and enhanced functionality allowing you to manage your business—and your relationships—more effectively and achieve even greater success. Our latest release included new capabilities and improvements designed to help you do just that.

Here's a quick preview of what's new:

  • Daily plan report to ensure techs or crews have everything they need for the day’s scheduled jobs,

  • CRM enhancements to alert you when work does not start within a specified timeframe, and

  • SMS visit reminders to seamlessly notify your customers of an upcoming appointment.

Ensure your techs or crews have everything they need for the day’s scheduled jobs with a daily plan

Production managers can now create a virtual ‘pick ticket’ with the new Daily Plan Report in Aspire, noting the equipment and materials or supplies needed on a per-visit basis for work tickets containing more than one visit.

Once the required items and quantities are entered in the purchasing module, they are visible to the techs or crews within the mobile app. By making sure your teams are prepared to perform the work scheduled each day, you can not only improve efficiency but also ensure a higher level of service—and customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly notify your customers of an upcoming appointment with new visit reminders

With a 98% open and response rate, new SMS reminders in Aspire let you efficiently and cost-effectively remind customers of an upcoming visit, and proactively adjust your schedule in the event of a cancellation.

Visit reminders are always sent the day before a scheduled visit. Customers will also receive a text notifying them of a canceled or rescheduled visit. When a visit is moved to a new date before the reminder is sent, the settings will dynamically update to ensure the text reminder is sent the day prior to the rescheduled visit.

In addition to this new capability, we’ve also made several improvements to the overall email and SMS customer notifications functionality in Aspire, including:

  • Adding time-based tokens for all notification types and triggers,

  • Re-naming tokens for simpler, more intuitive token lookup, and

  • Adding the ability to lookup a work ticket and send a test with real token data when sending test emails or texts.

Enjoy greater efficiency and visibility into your data with our latest CRM enhancements

With our recent CRM improvements, you can make invoicing more seamless than ever by marking critical fields as ‘Required’ on the Property Details page to ensure sales reps and account managers complete them. And easily stay on top of your pipeline with the ability to display, group, sort, and filter the electronic signature and signature date fields from the Opportunity advanced search.

For a quick view into recent activities, emails and issues are now visible in ‘Last Activity’ within key advanced searches, such as properties, opportunities, and the sales scorecard. You can also quickly filter any date field in Aspire for ‘Tomorrow,’ including the Work Ticket Visit Report, to see what’s planned for the next day.

When bidding new jobs, you can now look up kits in the Catalog Item Search from the Estimate page for greater estimating efficiency. And when it comes time to invoice the work, you can quickly navigate with a single click to the information you need most, like company details, billing contact, or property details.


We hope you’ll find these improvements enable improved efficiency and communication to help you ultimately achieve greater success.

Companies who are looking to better manage their business and their client relationships understand the value of having an innovative and trusted partner in Aspire.

See how Aspire is helping companies like yours grow and achieve their goals!


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