Aspire Landscape Version 5.0: Turning features into dollars

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AuthorEric Mann

PublishedApril 8, 2019

Aspire Landscape Version 5.0: Turning features into dollars

Here's What We're Up To

Each day there are new ways to make lives easier through technology. Innovations are creating opportunities for efficiency and customer service improvements. It's important to invest in these innovations to turn functions into dollars. So it is with Aspire business management software's new FleetSharp GPS and CardConnect payment functions. You can now integrate these innovations to help you manage your business inside of a single management system. 

Tracking Your Success With FleetSharp

In just two months, Aspire Landscape has on-boarded more than 1,000 vehicles onto the FleetSharp’s GPS platform. This technology is already producing returns on the investment. Tools connecting the field with the office improve performance, giving managers insights into decision making and keeping people accountable. There has also been a bump in production as well. With better time management, the crews can be more efficient with their work.

Even if you are using another GPS system to keep track of equipment, you can easily change and get the benefit of information integration using FleetSharp without juggling multiple systems. Having one system showcasing all the information tracked is easy, intuitive and creates immediacy. Immediacy is the key to success.  

Easy Payments With CardConnect

Many Aspire clients have signed on to CardConnect. CardConnect provides you with a single source solution and an easy way to securely receive payments. Business management is made easy with payment process through CardConnect. It is easier to use when compared to other payment methods and there are no hidden fees with CardConnect.  By eliminating some processing fees, clients save money. We can provide you with a savings analysis to illustrate the potential. 

Integration Made Easy With Version 5.0

Making changes is essential to growth. We are here to help with the implementation process. Senior Business Developer, Julia Kehoe, works with our clients to make the implementation process simple. Set up takes a few days and the benefits last for as long as you use Aspire. FleetSharp GPS tracking and CardConnect are must haves for your business. Get started as soon as possible. Contact Julia by clicking below to set up a demo and learn more about all that Aspire has to offer. 


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