Aspire Software and Inova Payroll expand their partnership to include ServiceTitan, unlocking new opportunities for clients

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PublishedApril 25, 2023

Aspire Software and Inova Payroll expand their partnership to include ServiceTitan, unlocking new opportunities for clients

Ten years ago, Aspire Software was founded with a vision of helping field service contractors in the green industry overcome their business challenges and achieve greater success. Since joining forces with Inova Payroll (formerly IPS) in 2018, a national payroll and human resources provider, we have shared the common goal of helping our clients manage their businesses with greater ease and efficiency.

Together Aspire and Inova have accomplished that shared goal for many businesses, including Grunder Landscaping, founded by CEO and industry coach Marty Grunder, who also leads The Grow Group.

“When we chose Aspire, we wanted something that would help us grow and scale the company. You can see from our growth that Aspire did just that,” said Grunder’s COO Seth Pflum, speaking of the company’s decision to launch Aspire in 2020. “Aspire changed the way we did business.”

Once the team was comfortable working with Aspire, they realized the only way to truly streamline their business and continue its growth was by integrating their systems with Inova.

“Once we were up and running an integrated payroll system, everyone breathed a sigh of relief,” said Pflum. “The Inova integration saved our managers one to two hours a day just by removing the need to manually enter hours, and we stopped duplicating processes. This combined software solution allowed us to grow in a new way.”

Now this strategic partnership has expanded to include our parent company ServiceTitan, the leading software provider for home and commercial service businesses, and the entire ServiceTitan brand portfolio.

Together we will deliver greater value to clients through an enhanced customer experience, allowing them to manage their payroll and financial processes more effectively.

“Our relationship with Inova has already provided Aspire clients with a tremendous amount of value,” says Mark Tipton, CEO of Aspire. “By extending this partnership to include ServiceTitan, we can make an even greater investment in improvements this year to better serve our customers.”

Improvements Aspire plans to make to the Inova integration later this year include the capability to post payroll files directly from Aspire to Inova Payroll, without the need to export and import. Users will have the ability to map an Aspire time data source to specific cost centers, such as branch and division, into one cost center in Inova.

For added flexibility when posting overtime to the general ledger, Aspire users will gain the ability to send overtime premium hours over to Inova separately from base overtime. Once payroll is processed, the actual payroll burden calculated in Inova can be pulled back into Aspire to allocate across the work tickets for all employees referenced in the payroll file. Paid time off balances and employee pay history will also become viewable within employee contact records in Aspire.

Inova is investing in enhancements to the integration as well, including bringing ‘clocked times’ from Aspire into the Inova Payroll timesheet to allow employees to review (and submit their own timesheets, if desired) and attest to meal breaks and rest periods, along with the automation of non-compliance premium time additions for the State of California.

These updates, as well as others on the roadmap to come, will provide an improved user experience by further streamlining the payroll process and enabling seamless exchange of data between the Aspire and Inova Payroll platforms.

Inova Payroll offers an all-in-one human capital management solution built to serve employers and employees alike, paired with high-touch customer service from a team of experts at every step of the way.

For more information about the Inova Payroll integration with Aspire, contact us.

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