Live Webinar

Maximizing Profitability & Productivity


July 30 @ 11:00 AM PST

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What you'll learn

  • Industry Insights and Challenges
  • How Productivity Leads to Profitability
  • The Service Profit Chain: The Link Between Customer and Employee Satisfaction

During this session, we’ll focus on strategies to improve operational efficiencies that drive profitability &  long-term success. By delving into some of the unique challenges faced within the commercial cleaning and building services industry, we’ll explore innovative approaches to winning new business, streamlining communication, and improving customer retention.

Meet your speaker


Dryden Dennis

Enterprise Account Executive, Aspire

Dryden is an Enterprise Account Executive with Aspire Software, working with commercial cleaning companies throughout the US to optimize their business processes. Prior to joining Aspire, Dryden spent the previous 8 years working in the cleaning industry. He got his start during college as an intern and part time cleaner for a regional company out of Oklahoma City, where he later joined full time as an Operations Manager once graduating from the University of Oklahoma.


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