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Collect, connect, and visualize essential data to bid, win, and service more jobs in less time.
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Bid, win, and service more jobs in less time
Create takeoffs for maintenance and design-build work while generating data insights, reports, and optimizations.
Collect accurate data
Get the measurements you need with precision measuring tools, hi-res aerial imagery, and PDF uploads.
Connect related data
Bridge the gap between property and customer data with automated data insights, reporting, and optimization suggestions.
Visualize essential data
Gain greater clarity into your business with visual, interactive sitemaps and reporting dashboards.
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See how PropertyIntel can help you collect, connect, and visualize your most important data to bid, win, and service more jobs in less time.

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Measuring Tools

Precision Measuring Tools

Gather accurate property measurements with precision measuring tools designed for landscape contractors to easily create takeoffs for maintenance work, design-build projects, enhancement opportunities, and more.

Aerial Imagery

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Use high-resolution aerial imagery and PDF uploads to create fast, professional takeoffs.


Automated Estimating

Calculate time, material, and cost estimates automatically as you measure with data imported from your own pricing database or the Aspire platform to save time and reduce errors caused by manual data entry.

Visual Proposals

Proposal Builder

Generate and send visual proposals for presentation and implementation, complete with pricing breakdowns, color-coded project sitemaps, customizable cover letters, and more.

Done-for-You Measurements

Done-for-You Measurements

Meet changes in demand and keep salespeople focused on closing deals with automated property measurements delivered directly to your account. We'll even move all your existing property takeoffs from your current system into PropertyIntel with our Complete Portfolio Mapping service.

Aspire Integration

Aspire Integration

Gain greater clarity by connecting real-time property and customer data using a direct integration with Aspire’s end-to-end business management platform.

Complete takeoffs and estimates in less time

Bad measurements and estimates can cause you to lose money, work, or both. With PropertyIntel, you can bid confidently with precise measurements.

Learn more about PropertyIntel Complete’s done-for-you measurements

Point-and-click measuring tools
Hi-res, leaf-off aerial imagery
Automated time and cost estimates
Respond to bid requests with professional job plans
Manual, repetitive processes can hinder your ability to respond to bid requests promptly. PropertyIntel makes it easy to communicate your project vision quickly and professionally.
Competitive estimates
Visual, interactive proposals
Done-for-you measurements
Maximize the potential revenue of every client
It’s challenging to identify areas of opportunity. PropertyIntel generates automated data insights to surface new revenue potential to sales.
Aspire platform integration
Real-time data insights
Penetration rate reports

Plans for landscaping businesses of every size


For small companies measuring and estimating up to 10 properties per month

  • Unlimited users
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For midsize companies and/or Aspire clients looking to grow their businesses

  • Unlimited users
  • Project Templates
  • Visual Proposals
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For large companies placing over 100 bids per month to optimize and scale their business

  • Unlimited users
  • Project Templates
  • Visual Proposals
  • Branch Management
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“PropertyIntel took three steps in my process and just got rid of them. I can have a quote in my client’s hands or over the phone within a matter of minutes.”

Chad Currie, CLC

“Another individual doesn't have to go back out to the property and do an assessment. [We] go out to the property, make the assessment, and then have it live in Aspire – whether we pick it up now or 2 years from now that information will be there."

Bobby Rivera, Par3 Landscaping

"PropertyIntel is working to combine the features of a property measuring service with over-map or image design capability. Pulling this into one site and directly linking it to each property or proposal in Aspire make this quick and easy to use while eliminating the risk of a property manager re-measuring a site if they can't find the original measurement or map. I look forward to seeing how the service will develop and implementing it into our sales process for more competitive pricing and better execution by our operations team."

Nathan Peabody, Mangold Horticulture

"PropertyIntel Complete has cut our estimating bill in half. It is changing the game for our maintenance proposals."

Ron Lackey, Landscape Associates Inc.

Frequently asked questions

Both Go iLawn and LandOne are great applications, but they are separate systems that require different subscriptions, and the distinct types of property data they produce can’t be connected. 

PropertyIntel combines the tools, technology, and capabilities of Go iLawn & LandOne into a single application.  It also adds new functionality that lets you seamlessly collect, connect and visualize all the essential data you need to win and service more jobs in less time.

PropertyIntel eliminates the need to use and manage different tools. Benefits include increased productivity, speed, and collaboration across your organization.

A standard map provides Google satellite and EagleView aerial imagery that is periodically updated every one to two years. A standard map costs one credit.  

A pro map includes the satellite and aerial imagery in the standard map, plus NearMap imagery.  NearMap imagery is updated 3-6 times per year and includes the ability to measure elevation and tree canopy circumference. A pro map costs three credits.

A map credit is connected to the land area of a project. A single property with multiple parcels would still just be one search. There is a 200-acre limit to the acreage that can be captured on a single search. Projects needing more than this would be approved case by case.

Yes. If you need more than the 1200 credits on the Enterprise plan, please contact us for a custom plan.

Yes. Your GIL/L1 projects can be exported to PI, and you can access and edit them using the new PI tools.

Visual proposals (including an interactive sitemap, pricing breakdowns, customizable company branding, and more), reports and dashboards, automated site reports, and more!

PropertyIntel's terms of use can be found here.

There are no plans to retire Go iLawn or LandOne at this time.

Complete Portfolio Mapping is part of our PropertyIntel Complete service that helps you onboard quickly and easily to the platform. Whether you're missing measurements and takeoffs for your property portfolio, or need your existing takeoffs moved over from another measuring solution, Complete Portfolio Mapping delivers automated property measurements directly to your account, so you can get up-and-running on PropertyIntel immediately. 

Existing Aspire Customers interested in PropertyIntel will also have their maps linked to their corresponding Property Takeoffs and Opportunities.

Save time and win more jobs with PropertyIntel


Get started connecting and visualizing essential data you need to grow your business.

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