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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Is your solution PCI compliant?

Our electronic payment processor – Card Connect – is PCI compliant and stores all sensitive data in their system. We maintain no sensitive data with regards to electronic payment methods.

Where is the customers credit card information stored?

Aspire does not store credit card information within our system (we only store last 4 digits for reference purposes). CardConnect stores the information.

Does Aspire allow us to charge a convenience fee?

Companies are able to set up a convenience fee within Aspire that will carry over to the portal. This will be automatically applied to all payments. In the instance that you want to omit the convenience fee for a specific invoice or client, it can be overridden at the opportunity level.

Does the payment feature cost extra or is it part of the core subscription?

Aspire does not charge to use this feature. The only cost associated with accepting electronic payments is the processing fee paid to CardConnect.

Can we set up automated payments for clients with service contracts?

Yes and no. We currently do not automatically initiate charges on stored cards, rather auto payments would be a curated list of clients to be charged on the same day every month.

How do I know if a card has been declined or a transaction as not gone through?

Aspire will show an error code in the electronic payments log, as well as a notification in the home screen.

Where payment methods stored in Aspire?

Payment methods are stored on the contact level. You are able to internally add payment methods to a billing contact and the contact is also able to add payment methods themselves in the customer portal.

When can we expect funding from the credit card processor?

CardConnect provides next day funding.

How long does the application process take?

You can start processing between 24-48 hours and e-checks/ACH within 5 days.

Can our clients manage (add, update, remove) their own payment methods?

Yes. If you choose to implement the customer portal, your clients will have the ability to update and add their own payment methods as well as pay their own invoices.