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Go iPave

A powerful property measurement solution for paving contractors

Hundreds of paving contractors across the country use Go iPave to get fast, precise property measurements using aerial and satellite imagery—all stored in the cloud.
Measure, bid, and win more work in less time
Create professional, color-coded job plans for phased work in minutes to win more work in less time.
Bid work faster
Measure properties at any time, from anywhere using GIS technology, accessible from any internet-connected device.
Become more profitable
Protect your profits with property intelligence that eliminates guesswork and prevents costly mistakes.
Ensure stakeholder alignment
Win more work with visual job plans and labels that provide an instant understanding of the work you’re proposing.
High-resolution aerial imagery
Examine every detail to see the pavement condition and cracks in high resolution.
Unobstructed, leaf-off images
Multi-angle property views
Multi-year views for historic inspection
go-ipave-imagery Large
Detailed site plans
Instruct your crews and align stakeholders on the job to be done with clear, visual site plans.
Color-coded areas for phased, multi-day work
Labels for communicating with customers and crews
Directional arrows to guide your crews
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Cloud-based solution
Measure properties in minutes to gain your competitive advantage.
Measure anytime, anywhere
Accessible from any internet-connected device
Instantly access and share measurement data
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Measure, bid, and win more work in less time

Learn how Go iPave’s property measurement tools can help you gather accurate measurements and boost your profitability.

Frequently asked questions

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Enter an address and Go iPave will return a property photo to you. Then, with a few clicks of the mouse you can measure any outdoor surface on the property. Export your measurements to Excel, save or print an image of your sitemap, or use Go iPave ShareView™ to send an interactive version of your sitemap to stakeholders.

We offer 100% coverage of the United States and Canada. The age of the aerial photos varies by county, with more populated areas being updated more frequently.

One search is used when you look up a property. Go iPave returns an overhead view, as well as views of the north, south, east, and west sides of the property.

Go iPave requires a subscription to create and view your projects. You are charged one search credit (pre-loaded onto your account with a subscription renewal or your purchase of a search credit package) in the following scenarios:

  • An address is searched and an image of the property appears
  • A project is copied with your authorization

Yes. Our team provides complimentary onboarding calls to ensure you understand how every tool can help you maximize the value of Go iPave. You can schedule a time here.
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See how Go iPave’s property measurement tools can help you gather accurate measurements and boost your profitability.