Ensure profitable proposals with Aspire's estimating features

Deliver professional proposals at the right profit margin.

Effortlessly bid projects of all types with Aspire's intuitive, integrated estimating functionality—from on-the-spot enhancement or tag-on job proposals and extended long-term construction projects or ancillary services to ongoing maintenance, snow removal, or cleaning contracts.

Simplify the estimating process.

Simplify the estimating process.

Customize any number of bidding templates and kits to ensure quick and consistent estimating, every time.

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Generate estimates you can trust.

Generate estimates you can trust.

Simply add the desired services and items from your catalog, customized to your organization, to an estimate—the Aspire platform does the rest.

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Streamline estimates and approval.

Streamline estimates and approval.

Effortlessly deliver professional estimates—formatted and customized for your organization—and accept signatures electronically via email, from the client portal, or using your tablet.

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Simplified estimating.

The Aspire platform allows you to create templates to combine commonly used services, pricing, and language for estimating specific types of work. You can also create kits, which combine your company’s production factors with labor and material or supply costs into a single item on the estimate—simply alter the takeoffs, and you’re done!

With no limit to the complexity of templates and production-rate kits you can build or the number of property takeoffs you can store, Aspire enables your estimators to quickly and accurately bid large and/or complex jobs by simply altering the takeoffs and quantities.

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Accurate proposals.

In Aspire, the margins and markups you’ve established for labor, materials/supplies, subcontractors, and other direct costs are automatically factored into your estimates to help ensure profitability. The system also accommodates custom, management-approved margins and markups by branch, division, or service type.

Even better, the Aspire platform allows designated users like purchasers, power users, or admins to easily update the average price of your catalog items as needed, based on your actual, historical spending habits.

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Streamlined delivery.

With Aspire, your clients can easily view bids and provide approval with a digital signature—via email or right from within their customer portal. And for smaller jobs like enhancement proposals or tag-on services, account owners can easily capture signatures on the spot from their laptop or tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the statuses of estimates in Aspire and are they flexible?

Aspire provides standard default statuses while also allowing you to customize some. The statuses include: pre-bid, bidding, approval, delivery, signed, production, or lost. This makes it easy to monitor and track proposals as well as opportunity sales pipelines.

For service estimates, does the software keep track of how many services to be performed are remaining? This is important so that we can sell our customers additional mows, etc.

Aspire estimating templates track and manage all services as well as optional services on every maintenance contract. The templates also allow the ability to add new service tickets or extra visits inside existing service tickets. That is typically a workflow option the client determines.

Is there reporting for cost of estimates won and lost as well as the total number of estimates won and lost over varying time frames?

Aspire provides full sales and estimate pipeline reporting with filters to isolate estimates by rep, by branch, by customer, by service type, or by desired date range.

Can we create our own calculator/template for rates?

Aspire requires you to create your own templates, services, contract language, and most importantly, pricing rates. This produces both standard and job pricing with gross margin, overhead recovery, and net margin reporting. Templates are completely flexible and will become essential to your standard estimating process.

What things can and can't be customized within the estimates module?

In Aspire, you can customize your:

  • Services

  • Service descriptions

  • Pricing and profits

  • Invoicing and billing

  • Scope and contract language

  • Final proposal format and presentation

How does Aspire handle change orders?

Aspire handles change orders in the estimating system by linking every addition, deletion, and substitution to the original job estimate. This makes it easy to track complicated job history and projects that evolve.

What is the max number of production rate calculators?

There is no limit to the number of production rate calculators in Aspire.

Is there a limit to the number of templates that can be created for estimating?

There is no limit to the number of templates you can create for estimating in Aspire


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