Updated mapping in Crew Mobile

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Eric Mann


Jul 10, 2019

Updated mapping in Crew Mobile


Meeting Your Needs

Aspire Software takes into consideration each suggestion that we receive. It’s an excellent way to continue to provide upgrades for the system, while continuing to meet the needs of clients. Aspire business management software is pleased to announce the latest update that has been dispatched to improve the Crew Mobile App.

Improvements to Crew Mobile

In today's day and age, mapping features are very important. They assist with everything from directions to ensuring that workers are on site. The latest update to the Crew Mobile App will give system users a more interactive experience with the map display features. When displaying the map showing property location for a work ticket in the Crew Mobile App.  Aspire now provides the ability on smart phones to display the map along with its route and interactive directions in a map application. For example, Google Maps or Apple Maps could be used, as depicted below.



The new enhanced feature is simple, yet effective. It makes the mapping systems more interactive for the user. This is a way to improve the system and help clients on their path to success.

For more information on what Aspire is working toward, check out our website. If you are new to Aspire, request a demo to talk with one of our sales professionals.

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