Turf's Up Radio - How Aspire is changing the landscape industry

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Eric Mann


Feb 11, 2020

Turf's Up Radio - How Aspire is changing the landscape industry


Recently, Kevin Kehoe, founder of Aspire Software, made a guest appearance on Turf’s Up Radio. During the segment, he discussed the power of business management software and how Aspire business management software is helping transform businesses in the green industry. From estimating and CRM to site management and customer service, Kevin explained how software is changing the game for landscaping teams.

Kevin also talks about how keeping records is vital for any operation, and although technology constantly captures information, that information needs to go somewhere. That is why it’s important to have a software system in place—a system of record to capture what you do every day—that integrates with other platforms. The larger your business becomes, the more administrative work it requires to operate. Having a system that can capture and manage data will save hours of administrative work each day, in addition to improving the accuracy of your information. Rather than increasing overhead, utilizing technology will help streamline your business and increase efficiency so your team can accomplish more.

To hear the full segment on Turf’s Up Radio, click the link below.

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