Technology and success: How different generations view success

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Eric Mann


Aug 9, 2019

Technology and success: How different generations view success

In your opinion, what does success mean? It’s a word we hear all the time, but when asked this question, many are taken aback. What does it even mean to succeed? It's a loaded question with so many different possibilities. Is success associated with a large amount of money, power, owning a home, or simply being happy? Everyone seems to have their own variation on what it means to be successful and it tends to change by each generation from Baby boomers to Generation X to Millennials to Generation Z.

Each of these generations have all had different experiences, whether it is how they were raised, the environment they live in, their gender, their personality, and even their learning style. In a sit-down interview I got together with someone from each generation to learn more about their beliefs on what it means to be successful from their point of view. It was amazing to hear what each person had to say. Each had an interesting story and a unique idea of success, but still had something in common: technology.

Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

Generation Z: “Waking up early has its benefits, but it wouldn't determine if someone would end up being successful. I believe that having a routine is a much better indicator of success.” 

Millennials: “When asked this question, there are two things I think of: the Ben Franklin quote, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" and that the most successful people were the ones that were in the door first, not last.”

Generation X: “If you get up early and plan your day, you’ll get more done.”

Baby Boomers: “Yes. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I start my work because my mind is ready to go.” 

What stood out most from the answers received was that people acknowledged that waking up earlier was beneficial. They had the energy/enthusiasm to finish their tasks for the day because by the time it got late, they were “fried like an egg.” However, they didn’t seem to find it as important as something else, a routine. Everyone mentioned that they had a set routine every day or a set of standards they wanted to accomplish for the day. It was something that helped them prepare and be ready for the following day.

How is Success Determined?

Generation Z: “You know that you are successful if you are giving it everything you can” 

Millennials: “I feel like I am successful if I am making a difference. You may not be the best at what you do, but if you care about what you do and work hard, then you're successful.”

Generation X: “Ensuring my happiness and making sure that my children have their own opportunity to be successful.”

Baby Boomers: “I determine my success by what “I” do and what I have accomplished.”

Each generation sees success a little differently. Understanding each person’s unique idea of success can assist in the hiring process and ensure that their goals mesh with your company. To read more about the hiring process, check out our blog “Selecting and Onboarding the Best People.”

How Does Technology Contribute to Success?

Generation Z: “Technology is involved in everything I do, and it has been great to streamline work and be more efficient.”

Millennials: “Technology improves everything I've worked on and that reflects in quality of work.”

Generation X: “Technology keeps me organized and in constant communication with everyone.”

Baby Boomers: “Technology is a large contributor to success, and I’m enthralled by how it continues to change.”

We live in a technologically driven era. Take a moment to look around you. How many screens do you see? Did you include the one you’re reading this on? Or even what you're going to eat today – it can be delivered to your doorstep with a single click. Clothing? There's so much variety and options whether you’re purchasing or renting. From food to fashion, technology has a role to play and provides undeniable benefits — enhanced organization, clear communication, and improved accessibility. 

The Road to Success

What I've concluded after doing these series of interviews is that each generation sees success a little differently. We need what every generation has to offer to be our best selves, workplaces, and communities.

Each generation believed in the importance of technology in all aspects of their lives. It is something that they have grown up around for years. Technology has helped them grow and develop personally and professionally. It's also something that they believe contributed to their own success. It's important to invest in technology, because you'll be investing in your own success.

Aspire business management software is a form of technology that streamlines your work and improves your efficiency. It has helped many companies grow and thrive. Aspire is proud to support those on their road to success, from members of the Aspire team to the clients we serve every day.

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