Takeoff Tax: The hidden costs of disconnected systems

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Kelsea McGraw


May 12, 2023

Takeoff Tax: The hidden costs of disconnected systems

How is your takeoff process impacting your P&L? Are your estimators constantly repeating manual activities like collecting property measurements, entering data into your CRM, or redoing work when mistakes are made? 

Your company is likely incurring something we call the “takeoff tax”: The time, effort, and money spent on manual, repetitive processes caused by disconnected systems.

Wasted time and effort

If your software solutions are disconnected, it should be relatively easy to determine which activities are wasting your money. If your employees constantly perform the same repetitive, manual tasks that could otherwise be automated, you’re incurring the takeoff tax. 

Disconnected solutions force your employees to spend time and effort collecting data, entering it into another system, and checking for errors—manually. When software systems fail to integrate or are not an end-to-end solution, this manual work can take up hours of your employees’ day—and your costs.

Have you ever sent a proposal to a customer and had them point out an error? Now, your employees are manually checking through their previous work to identify the issue and start the sequence of manual fixes from the beginning. Based on the number of proposals you place each month, these errors can add up in overhead labor costs and may even cause you to lose work that you should have won.

Competitive disadvantage

You're at a competitive disadvantage if your competitors submit error-free, professional bids faster than you. Not only could this cause you to miss out on work you should have won, but now you must work twice as hard to compensate for that loss and gain your next customer.

The disconnect between solutions wastes your time and resources and may produce incorrect results, making it more difficult for your company to grow. When competitors use integrated systems to automate their manual work, they’re beating you to the client, and they may be able to get far more proposals out the door. That’s a lot of potential revenue lost.

Lack of data insights

The takeoff tax doesn’t just refer to expenses incurred by manual work that could be automated. It also refers to the lack of data caused by disconnected, incomplete solutions.

Your takeoff process might be manual or include a software tool to create takeoffs online. But what happens after that data is collected? You must manually enter it into a different system to carry out the rest of your business processes, and that original data never compounds to provide you with more value.

Your data should continue to work for you—whether that means being easily accessible for re-bidding jobs in the future, uncovering insights between property and customer data, or helping your business grow by suggesting new work opportunities—there is so much more value your data can provide to you. 

Failing to use a tightly integrated system's current and future data insights limits your business's success.

Eliminate the takeoff tax

You can eliminate the takeoff tax at your landscape company by implementing better systems to replace manual, disconnected processes. 

PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, can help your company benefit from connected, compounding data. It not only helps you quickly collect and connect essential property and customer data but creates and helps you understand those data connections and insights visually.

Available as a standalone solution or part of an end-to-end system integrated directly with Aspire, PropertyIntel takes the data you collect to the next level by mining it and providing automated insights for new business opportunities, trends within your company, and reports about your operations. This closes the gap between previously disconnected solutions to provide you with a partner that continues to deliver value from your data and keep it working for you––helping you optimize today and plan for tomorrow.

Ready to eliminate the Takeoff Tax once and for all at your company?

Check out PropertyIntel to learn more and get your free, 14-day trial!

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