What tactical benefits does landscape business management software provide?

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Kevin Kehoe


Feb 22, 2017

What tactical benefits does landscape business management software provide?
Will making an investment in landscape management software really change things for your company? The short answer: Yes.

My last blog focused on the strategic benefits of an investment in landscape business management software. Now this post will focus on day-to-day tactical benefits

What are tactical benefits?  Tactical benefits are defined in terms of “quality-of-life” and “productivity” enhancements delivered to landscape business management software users and clients.  My short list outlines important considerations and expectations for these quality-of-life and productivity enhancements.

Although any individual software cannot make every claim, it’s important you are aware of what is reasonable to expect as you work through your software selection process. You can refer to some of my previous posts on how to buy software for more information, too. 

Tactical Benefits Of Landscape Management Software:

Here’s the short list:

  • No more redundant data entry for transactions like contact info, estimate, work orders, purchase orders, and invoicing. Since these transactions are integrated, you only enter it once and it is available at every step. Life is easier!
  • No more waiting for reports until the end of the month. Since the software is cloud-based, information is real-time. You can make decisions before problems escalate and you can track details right on your phone or tablet. Even better, you can address problems quickly.
  • No more running back to the office to change the schedule or do an estimate. Since the software works anywhere and you have an app-like interface, your staff can get more done with less hassle and way fewer spreadsheets—regardless of where they're working.
  • No more struggling with tiny screens and little spaces on the phone or tablet to make an estimate, do a site walk, view and manage a schedule, create a purchase, or enter a contact. You can easily use your big fat finger to navigate and execute. If you buy mobile, you want to get a real mobile interface just like you get on any app. This makes the process of adoption and use by your people easier.
  • No more security risks with usernames and passwords. Look for real security provided by device authorization to secure your company’s data and records. You use a simple PIN number and you control access.
  • No more finger pointing among salesoperationsadministration. Okay, that’s fantasy. Okay, LESS finger pointing. Modern landscape business management software features built-in workflows, based on landscape industry best practices, that enable seamless collaboration between these areas of your businessfrom estimate to invoice. That means less conflict and more action.
  • No more hiring IT consultants to write reports for you. Business management software for landscape companies should have easy-to-use report writers and database queries which anyone can master with some training. You can do this without calling an expert and your people can handle things on their own.
  • No more customer folders with information spread across your X, Y, and Z drives. True CRM (customer relationship management) makes photos, word docs, spreadsheets, maps, designs, bids, site walks, budgets, measurements, production rates, estimates, emails, issues, and calendar appointments viewable (and actionable) in one place, from one device and on one screen.  Life just got way easier.

There are more tactical benefits that come from using landscape management software.  But this is a good start.  “Quality of life” and “productivity” enhancements make everyone more productive.

Should you invest in business management software? Certainly. Put on the Rally Cap and examine the investment and the benefits outlined here. These kinds of enhancements are possible and real.

Aspire Landscape Management Software Rally Caps


Like this blog post? My next post will address comparisons among landscape business management software vendors.


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