Sell more landscape services with technology

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Kevin Kehoe


Oct 1, 2015

Sell more landscape services with technology

The Modern Sales Reality

Your commercial landscape prospects are busier than ever and harder to meet with face-to-face.  Property managers and other prospects are bombarded with requests for sales meetingsan activity they don't like that much as it takes too much time and delivers too little benefit.  

If you want to sell more landscape services in this environment you need to address this reality.  And that means using technology to make your sales process more effective with the limited time and attention of your prospects.

You Need More Than Email To Sell More Landscape Services

Email is great. It's changing the sales game by making it easier to “get in front” of the prospect without the hassle of voicemail.  But it is impersonal and does not provide the opportunity to build rapport the way a face-to-face meeting does.  

But if you add Go To Meeting with your email strategy, you add the rapport building element of a face-to-face meeting. This becomes a powerful sales accelerator for you.

Why Go To Meeting Can Increase Your Book Of Business

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Go ToMeeting “works” for the prospect because they feel less pressure typical in a face-to-face meeting.  It also requires a smaller commitment of your prospect's time (they control when it starts and ends).  

It “works” for the green industry salesperson because it's less expensive than driving across town and it “frees up” time to make more calls in a day.

It Only Works If You Use It Right

Yet as great as the potential offered is by this technology, ineffective use of it can backfire and hurt your sales effort.  

The key is to marry Email and Go To Meeting into an effective "two-step" sales process.  

  1. Use email to set up the call.
  2. Use Go To Meeting to conduct it.  

Two Keys To Sell More Landscape Services With Go To Meeting

The first key is addressing the prospect’s potential lack of experience with technology.  

Many prospects are not computer literate.  They require set-up and training assistance.  This provides you with an excellent opportunity to build rapport as you show them how to use it…  they learn something new while you get to demonstrate expertise.  

The second key is controlling meeting time and content.  

The best ways to do this are: (1) keep the meeting short, and (2) rely on visuals.  I recommend simple and attractive graphics/photos with perhaps one or two “verbal” slides (See Agenda Slide Below).  

Ten to twelve slides are more than sufficient for a 30-minute meeting…  and keeping the meeting under 30 minutes – unless the prospect wants more time - is advisable.

Short meetings are appreciated.  And the point of the meeting is to get the prospect to commit to something, not review every aspect of the project/contract…  that should have happened in a series of preparatory emails.
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Take My Word For It.  It Works.

If you want more face-time with the prospect, and you want to do more in a day, you must use technology.  It benefits both you and the prospect.  I know this from experience.  

My sales process uses both email and teleconferencing (Go To Meeting).  As a result, my productivity (number of calls per day) has soared, and (2) my close rate is significantly better.  And all it costs me is $50 per month…  about what you spend in gas driving to/from a few calls in a week.

Try It Free

Get a free 30-day trial of Go To Meeting and test it out.  I think you'll find, as I have, it's an incredibly powerful sales tool to sell more landscape services.

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