Outfitting your business for success: Equipment inspections—and more

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Ben Sanders


Dec 15, 2022

Outfitting your business for success: Equipment inspections—and more

At Aspire, we’re dedicated to helping our clients keep every aspect of their business running smoothly. Our latest release includes several new developments to help you further optimize your business from the office to the field.

Here's what we've added:

  • Equipment & vehicle inspection reports to keep your assets performing at their peak,
  • Crew Mobile route visibility to keep crew leaders focused on their own job routes, and
  • Duplicate entry prevention to ensure accuracy and reduce incidental data.

Assess and track the condition of your equipment all in one place with equipment & vehicle inspection reports.

Aspire’s new equipment and vehicle inspection capabilities help ensure that all of your assets, especially your fleet, are performing at their peak.

Keeping your equipment and vehicles properly maintained not only helps prevent costly, unexpected downtime but also safeguards your drivers against compliance and legal entanglements on the roads and your crews from safety issues in the field.

Now there’s no longer a need to rely on outdated or restrictive vendor templates. With this new feature, you can:

  • Create custom equipment inspections within Aspire
  • Perform inspections with Crew Mobile anytime, anywhere
  • Access & review inspection records on mobile or within the web app
  • Build completely customizable inspection reports
  • Generate service requests
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Aspire allows you to create inspections that adapt to your business with configurable inspection checklists, based on type of asset and categories for each, which make up the line items in each type of report.  You can also choose from a selection of evaluation scales and control who can perform or review inspections  with customizable permission settings.

Your authorized Crew Mobile users, typically drivers or crew leaders, can easily conduct inspections right from the mobile app and submit the results for each line item, including the rating, a custom note, and an image if applicable. In compliance with law enforcement requirements, once an inspection is submitted, it cannot be modified.

Even better, with digital vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) built into the system and viewable from the mobile app, your drivers will be better prepared for unplanned traffic stops with proof of compliance with state-specific safety inspection requirements at their fingertips. 

Your authorized users can also create a new service request related to a failed inspection or identified maintenance need right from the app, expediting the purchasing of parts and the repair and replacement process for your fleet.

From the office, staff can quickly run reports based on every inspection record across the entire operation within Aspire, either as a standard drill-down report or from the associated equipment record. With real-time inspection data in Aspire, you’ll have the insight you need to keep your fleet at peak performance. 

As an added benefit, Aspire’s new equipment inspection reports can also help establish better standard operating procedures and add structure to equipment training for your workforce.

To begin using Aspire’s new equipment inspections functionality, you must first enable several permissions. Under equipment, check ‘Create Equipment Inspections’ to allow the applicable user role to document and view inspections in Crew Mobile; in the reports section, check the ‘View Drill-Down Reports’ option for Equipment Inspections to allow users to view equipment inspection reports in Aspire. Inspections are easily configured from the equipment page within Admin.

Focus your crew leaders’ mobile experience on their most relevant work with Crew Mobile route visibility.

Your crew leaders are an essential part of your production, but their attention is often pulled in different directions, particularly in larger businesses. With a less-is-more philosophy in mind, we’ve added more control to help you filter out unneeded noise and  keep your crew leaders focused on what really matters.

With a tailorable view in the routes drop-down menu in Crew Mobile, now you can provide your crew leaders with a focused view showing only the routes to which they are assigned.

System admins can activate this new feature by heading to the Admin page, selecting the configuration tab, and then checking ’Restricted Visibility.’

Like many businesses, you may have crew leaders who share routes with other leads or certain operation managers who still need to see all active routes. Aspire enables you to override this new visibility feature setting and make exceptions for specific users, ensuring that everyone in the field has access to the routes they need.

Prevent data duplication before it begins with Aspire’s duplicate entry prevention.

Unintentional duplicate entries can have downstream effects on the accuracy and continuity of your business data, including that which is used in catalogs, estimates, business reports and more.

With the release, Aspire provides another layer of confidence in your system’s data by warning users if they are about to create a new record that duplicates one already in existence.

This new feature protects against duplicate data entries in the following areas:

  • Organization, such as names of branches, regions, or districts
  • Estimating, including services, catalog items, and kits
  • Lists, such as tax entities and jurisdictions, service types, and more

In the event a user wants or needs to bypass the duplicate entry warning, they will still have the option to do so for any record other than branch names. 


Whether it's measuring and tracking the health of your company equipment, optimizing your crew leaders’ performance, or protecting the data you use to make tough business decisions, Aspire’s got your back. And by the way—there’s more where that came from!

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