Optimize your profits with PropertyIntel, Aspire’s newest estimating solution

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Kelsea McGraw


Feb 1, 2023

Optimize your profits with PropertyIntel, Aspire’s newest estimating solution

Manual measuring processes are time-intensive and inaccurate, constantly leaving you with under-bid jobs. So you leverage Google Maps and other free measuring solutions only to find yourself trying to cobble together multiple systems that create new problems like gaps in communication or incorrect data entry. 

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PropertyIntel, an Aspire solution, helps you collect, connect, and visualize the critical property measurement data you need to bid, win, and service more jobs in less time. It combines the features from industry-leading property measurement tools Go iLawn and LandOne and integrates them with the Aspire platform to provide new data insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Estimate quickly and accurately

Easily complete accurate takeoffs and estimates in less time using high-resolution aerial imagery and precision measuring tools. The cloud-based solution allows you to perform takeoffs anytime, from anywhere, using high-res imagery, uploaded plan PDFs, drone photos, or designs from blank canvases.

Precision measuring tools help you create the property measurements you need for accurate material cost estimates—generated automatically with data imported from your pricing database or the Aspire platform.

All projects are stored in your account, making bid adjustments a breeze. Archived project data also allows you to revisit your jobs after performing the work to compare historical bids with current bids for more accurate proposals.

Bid and win more work

PropertyIntel helps you increase efficiency and win more types of work.

It also allows you to measure while simultaneously creating visual job proposals, which links the measurement and estimate data to a visual representation of the work to be done. PropertyIntel then helps you create a graphic proposal to share with stakeholders, complete with pricing breakdowns, an interactive, color-coded sitemap, and more.

Don’t have time to measure yourself or need additional resources during your busy season? PropertyIntel Complete, our new done-for-you measuring and estimating service, helps you meet changes in demand so your salespeople can focus on closing more deals.

Identify more opportunities

Collecting accurate data is just the first step in standardizing your business processes. To maximize the potential of every client, you need that data to work for you. PropertyIntel connects real-time property and customer data by integrating directly with Aspire’s end-to-end business management platform, so you can gain greater clarity about your business.

PropertyIntel helps you see new job and upsell opportunities and gather insights on enhancement value with dashboards that make your project data easier to understand. It surfaces insights into profitability, production efficiency, forecasting, and more, so you can get a clear picture of your business and its areas of opportunity.

Learn more about PropertyIntel

We’re excited to bring PropertyIntel to the industry and the Aspire family. You can learn more about PropertyIntel and create your free trial today. 

We look forward to helping you bid, win, and service more jobs to reach new levels of profitability.

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