New Aspire website redesign

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Kevin Kehoe


Jun 17, 2016

New Aspire website redesign

The Aspire Software Company happily announces the launch of our new youraspire.com website redesign. We worked with our strategic web development partner on enhancements that make it easier for landscape contractors to discover and evaluate the Aspire solution. Here's some info about the new additions:  (Click on any of the images to see them enlarged.)

A Fresh Homepage

Aspire business management software has grown and matured tremendously since its 2014 launch.  We wanted a redesigned homepage on the Aspire website to represent this and better communicate how we help landscape contractors focus on what they do best.  

The new homepage also uses call out sections below the fold to make it easier for contractors to see how Aspire provides them with far more than just software.  Plus, it pulls in and displays the latest posts from the Aspiring Business Blog.

The New Aspire Product Tour

The goal of our tour is to help visitors learn just how powerful and comprehensive Aspire software is, in an easy to understand way.  So we broke out our product tour experience into nine modules.  Then we added:Aspire Software Tour

  • Enhanced Tour Navigation - Let's you easily switch between modules.  Visitors can take the product tour in order or quickly jump between sections.
  • Video Demos - Each module has an explainer video that lets landscape contractor's see how that module helps streamline their business.
  • At-A-Glance Feature Details - The module features and benefits are provided in tabs.  You can easily scan all the capabilities of each module and if desired, instantly get more detailed information.

The AspireCare™ Service System Tour

Aspire provides customers with multiple levels of service and support through our proprietary AspireCare™ Service System. The redesigned website now gives you an interactive peek behind the AspireCare™ curtain.  (Only Aspire customers can access it live).  It shows you:AspireCare Software Service System

  • The Quick Search Knowledge Base - This self-education center let's you quickly find answers.  It pulls up documentation, archived webinars, spreadsheets, video's, customer forum posts and other content related to our customer's search or query.  Customers can also rate the helpfulness of all our knowledge base items which allows us to constantly improve them.
  •  Customer Community Support Forums - Learn how other Aspire customers are leveraging the software in their business.  Connect with an Aspire moderated community of your peers to learn best practices, ask questions and join business building conversations.
  • Dynamic Support Ticketing - Our user friendly, ticketing system let's you get fast, direct response from the Aspire support team and your personal account manager. Everything is documented and organized so getting support is an efficient, hassle free experience.
  • Best At-A-Glance Info - The AspireCare™ Support System analytics engine surfaces the best voted support documents, most popular customer forum information and latest discussions so you can quickly keep up to date with the latest and greatest developments of the software and community.

The Aspire Team Pages

Aspire Software TeamWe thought it was time to share more info about the growing team behind Aspire software.  Clicking on a team member takes you to their personal bio page. And yes, we've been getting some compliments on the motorcycle photo...

Deployment And Other New Pages

The new software deployment page provides an overview of the roadmap and smooth managed process we use to get customers up and running on the software.

You'll also see new additions for the "Why Aspire", "Aspire University" pages with more to come...

This website redesign is just one of the many things happening at Aspire right now. This includes the release of Aspire Software Version 2.5 and the roll-out of our GIE Business Breakthrough Conference on October 19th in Louisville.  Look for information to signup in the coming months.

Contact Kevin:  kevin.kehoe@yourasppire.com for more information.

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